Minecraft Dungeons - Nintendo Switch version review

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Like a tsunami of cubes, Minecraft and its spin-offs have invaded the gaming world in the last decade, starting from when the first version of the imaginative sandbox was born in 2009. A success that has also earned the brand five-star collaborations (such as with LEGO) and which has allowed the development team to indulge itself over time with countless new contents. Last in chronological order it was Minecraft Dungeons, which detaches itself from both the original formula of the game and the Story Mode, takes us into the checkered universe with a completely new adventure, in pure action rpg style. Using all the stylistic features of the brand, combining them with an isometric view and freely inspired by classic dungeon crawler mechanics, Mojang Studios has proposed an unprecedented adventure to fans of the series, both in terms of plot and gameplay.

An (un) planned revenge

As we already told you in our first review in May, the game's plot is simply sketchy, told by an initial video that explains how an outcast resident came into possession of tremendous power, and how he began his vengeful campaign against everything and everyone. Who can put an end to its hegemony and this period of destruction? Obviously a Hero! And not even to say that we will be that hero, of which we can choose the aspect first of all, and that we will be able to enhance at will as we gradually acquire objects and experience. However, the strength of this title lies in the multiplayer, which will see us play in the company of other players both locally and online (in the case of this reviewed version, we remind you that to play online you will need to sign up for the Nintendo Switch Online) up to four players.

Once the pretext and our task have been established, the real adventure begins: the first mission acts as a real tutorial, designed to teach us the various commands - rather basic - and how to take the first steps by orienting ourselves in the dark and unwelcoming game dungeon. Our hero will be equipped with two types of weapon, namely a primary (sword, ax, pickaxe and so on) e at a distance, such as arches. Attack is nothing without stamina, so it will also be essential to wear some armature which, in addition to giving us a defense value, will also give us bonuses or skills. With the kills and the completion of the various missions, as in all respectable RPG games, we will go up by level, consequently acquiring gods skill points to upgrade our equipment (which will also activate for weapons of special abilities). In addition to rolling, the other commands will allow us to heal ourselves, or to use several artifacts that will make us perform actions, empower us, or have particular effects for a limited period of time.

Minecraft Dungeons on Switch!

Without going too far on the structure of the gameplay, which is extremely simple to understand but which requires a lot of skill from mid-game onwards, let's talk about the focus of this review: how does Minecraft Dungeons behave on Nintendo Switch? Before talking about the performance of the product, it is in the meantime necessary to take a step back and talk about the versatility not only of the Nintendo hybrid, but also of the usability of the game: like the other games in the series, Minecraft Dungeons has all the credentials for be exploited by the very young, partly for the aforementioned speed and simplicity with which the basics are assimilated, partly for the fluency and the few narrative pretensions, but above all because of reference its user type reflects a huge chunk of gamers who own Nintendo Switch, which carries the banner of consul more suited to young people and with the pride of satisfying users of all ages. In a panorama of this type.

Moving on to the technical aspect, the game does not present problems in this version, if not the too long uploads. The title runs smoothly in both dock and portable modes, with the only minor frame rate issues showing up on the videos, but with the game flying smoothly even with many enemies on screen. However, some regret remains regarding the failure to exploit two fundamental parts of the hybrid, namely the touch screen in portable mode and the HD rumble, where the first is totally unusable, while for the vibration we are faced with the standard one. . Though playing it in portable mode is really enjoyable, the most comfortable way to play undoubtedly remains on TV, using a Pro Pad, especially for the type of game we are talking about, which requires a certain ergonomics.

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