Monster Hunter World: Rathalos Hunting Step-by-Step Guide

Monster Hunter World: Rathalos Hunting Step-by-Step Guide

If you are veterans of the series you will surely have had to deal countless times with this monster, perhaps the real mascot of the Capcom brand, and it is time to meet him also on Monster Hunter World: we are talking about the Rathalos, the famous dragon who made Monster Hunter history, and who will undoubtedly prove to be a formidable opponent if faced lightly. This is the most powerful monster, at least as far as Low Rank is concerned, that you will face in the Ancient Forest, so it is advisable to prepare properly before getting on the back of your pterowyvern.


First make sure your armor is of a high enough level and try to have a good one if possible resistance to fire damage. Like Rathian, her female counterpart, the Rathalos can poison you, so don't forget to bring a good number of antidotes with you to ward off death from poisoning. Other useful items can be i lightning pods, essential for dealing with any flying monster, and a good supply of healing items. Furthermore, to save time, it will be convenient to have unlocked thecamp in area 17, as the dragon will have its nest right in the adjacent areas. Are you ready to go?

Monster Hunter World: Rathalos Hunting Step-by-Step GuideWeaknesses and strategy

Rathalos is a dragon, so he won't be an easy opponent. Its main weakness is thedragon element, extremely effective, but also the lightning it will prove valid to hunt this monster; the other elements, on the other hand, will inflict very little damage on the Rathalos (the fire will even do no harm), while all statuses except the outbreak will be effective on average. That said, you will first encounter the dragon in the main story, exactly in the place where you spoke to the Ancient Wyvernian to start the mission. (zone 16).

Like any self-respecting flying monster, the Rathalos will spend a good part of the fight fluttering above you, unleashing a series of attacks that you will have to pay close attention to. There are two not negligible imperatives in dealing with such a monster: keep an eye on the stamina and use the lightning pods. These special slingshot ammo will prove to be a real godsend, because if thrown into the monster's field of vision they will interrupt any of his actions and make him fall to the ground stunned: take advantage of these moments to use your best attacks, but don't forget that you can only carry three pods at a time.

The ace in the hole of the Rathalos is undoubtedly the swoop attack, a very powerful blow that, in addition to inflicting a lot of damage, has a high probability of poisoning you. Pay attention to the dragon's gaze, because when he stares at you he will immediately prepare to strike - it's a good time to stun your opponent with a lightning pod. Another dangerous attack is the blaze which, although it inflicts a modest amount of damage, is nevertheless very predictable and therefore easy to avoid. For the rest, the Rathalos is a monster like the others: always pay attention to the stamina and the acuity bar of your weapon, dodge the enemy's attacks and wait patiently for the right opportunity to counterattack.

Guide to materials

Tell the truth, you are here only for this! Like any monster in Monster Hunter World, the Rathalos will drop specific materials, some rarer than others, once defeated, and to get some of them you will have to break or cut some parts of the creature's body. Below you will find the complete list of the monster's materials, with attached details on how to obtain them:

  • Scale of Rathalos: breaking any part of the body, as revenue or as a drop at the end of the mission
  • Breastplate of Rathalos: breaking any part of the body, as revenue or as a drop at the end of the mission
  • Rathalos marrow: breaking the monster's back
  • Rathalos membrane: breaking the monster's wings
  • Rathalos Tail: cutting off the monster's tail
  • Rathalos Plate (Low Rank): breaking the monster's back, head or wings
  • Rathalos Scale + (High Rank):  breaking any part of the body, as revenue or as a drop at the end of the mission
  • Carapace of Rathalos (High Rank):  breaking any part of the body, as revenue or as a drop at the end of the mission
  • Wing of Rathalos (High Rank): breaking the monster's wings
  • Rathalos Ruby (High Rank): breaking the monster's back, head or wings
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