Ms. Marvel | Marvel's Avengers Character Sheet

Ms. Marvel | Marvel's Avengers Character Sheet

Character sheet of Ms. Marvel in Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers Appearance: Immediately

  • Name: Kamala khan
  • Alias: Ms. Marvel
  • Provenance: She is a Pakistani-American born in Jersey City
  • Gender: Woman
  • Height: 1.63 cm (very variable)
  • Weight: 56,7 kg
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Origins: Inhumans (genetically superior to humans, enhanced through experiments carried out by the alien race of Kree) if you want to know more about this girl, we advise you to read our in-depth analysis that you will find following the link.
  • Created by: Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Aphona
  • First Appearance: Captain Marvel Vol 7 # 14 (September 2013)


Kamala khan or better to say Ms. Marvel she is primarily a human with an inheritance of the latent Inhuman species whose powers have been activated by Terrigen bomb, turning her into a polymorph, which grants her the following abilities:

  • Polymorph: with this skill he can shape his body and avoid direct hits, hitting them then rolling his arms
  • Flyswatter: a very fast combination of basic attacks
  • Flying Fists: combination of light attacks in jumping
  • Spin kick: an enhanced running kick
  • Whirling Wallop: Kamala swirls her arms for a very powerful sequence of blows
  • Double Down Kick: Two very powerful flying kicks that knock out your enemies
  • Leg Sweep: A sweep that will knock down your enemies
  • Five-Finger Fury: Combination of terrifying punches
  • Hammering Strike: Kamala jumps kicking an opponent in the air and then always flying, hitting him with both fists against the ground
  • Spinning Heel Strike: is a combination of light punches, which ends with an enhanced kick.
  • Double-Barrel Punch: an enhanced attack with both fists
  • Hammer Fist: giant punch boosted in jumping
  • Sliding Kick: low sweep on the run
  • Catapult Kick: Kamala clings to the ground and kicks the enemy
  • Fists of Justice: Kamala leaps and unleashes terrible power punches from above
  • Rubberband Bash: Ms. Marvel runs by empowering her legs and pushing herself with an enhanced blow against the enemy
  • Iron Spike: Jump enhances a direct hit against the opponent and then slingshot into it
  • Whip Fist: Direct hit from a distance
  • Crushing Grasp: grabs the enemy and throws him to the ground with all his might
  • Harpoon: harpoons an opponent and uses it to hit others
  • Nutcracker: grabs an opponent and then crushes him to the ground against other enemies
  • Aerial Spike: while jumping he grabs an opponent and throws him to the ground
  • Panic Button: grabs an enemy and drags him to the ground
  • Morning Star:
  • Hip Check: avoid a direct hit, responding with a power punch
  • Whirlwind: Kamala turns on herself by strengthening her arms and hitting everything around her
  • Palm Strike: It hits the ground causing a shockwave that blows away the closest enemies
  • Seismic Slam: Power up both arms and hit the ground hard by knocking down enemies in frontMs. Marvel | Marvel's Avengers Character Sheet


  • Ms. Marvel owns his suit in biokinetic polymer thanks to which she can better absorb the blows of her enemies and feel free to modify her body to her liking according to the needs of the battlefield.
  • Compartment Bracelet: A series of bracelets with hollow compartments inside, modified by Bruno into a single bracelet worn on the left arm of Kamala to hold his cell phone and other small items.

Stories to read

  • A future version of Ms. Marvel appears as a member of the Exiles together with Nick Fury , Blink Iron Lad , Valkyrie and a chibi-style version of Wolverine,.
  •  All-New Wolverine # 33 (April 2018) by Tom Taylor e Ramon Rosanas as part of the “Old Woman Laura” storyline as the future president of the United States.

Game style

Ms. Marvel Alisa Kamala khan, we can safely say it is the protagonist of Marvel's Avengers, with her players will be able to try a very direct approach to the title, taking advantage of its mid-range attacks rather than melee. Thanks to its polymorphic ability, Ms. Marvel he manages to manipulate his own body by enlarging it to excess, in doing so he can attack any enemy both at medium and long distance. For this the gameplay of Kamala is a beautiful hybrid that will make you master without difficulty all the moves and skills that the title hides.


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For more information on Marvel's Avengers, we refer you to our section dedicated to the highly anticipated title Square Enix.

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