Ninja Gaiden 3 - Guide to Beat All Bosses [360-PS3]

Ninja Gaiden 3 - Guide to Beat All Bosses [360-PS3]

One of the crucial points of the gameplay of the Ninja Gaiden series is represented by the furious battles against the end level boss. Ninja Gaiden 3 keeps this tradition alive and even in the new adventure of the legendary Ryu Hayabusa we will meet some beasts that will give us a lot of trouble.

Ninja Gaiden 3 boss SPOILERS follow.

In this guide we see what all the bosses of Ninja Gaiden 3 are and what strategies to use to defeat them with the help of some videos and several useful tips to make the battle a little less difficult.

Day 1
Steel spider
Regent of the Mask (1st meeting)

Day 2
IDE 1011 - Manta helicopter

Day 3
Regent of the Mask (2° incontro)

Day 4
Prototype Dea "loveleace"

Day 5

Day 6
Epigonos (Dark Ryu)
LOA Chairman Walking Form
Regent of the Mask (3° incontro)

Day 7
Regent of the Mask (4° incontro)

Steel Spider - Back to the index
The spider mech is pretty easy to beat and you'll be able to fight two of these at once in a later level. Basically, you just have to stick the legs until they break. Watch out for its electric field attack when you are close. If you are faced with it will use a flamethrower attack that cannot be blocked. In addition, he is equipped with a rather massive rocket launcher, so be prepared to do a few flips to the sides. Once the legs are destroyed, a core will appear. Jump onto his back and hit him.

Reagent of the Mask (1) - Back to the index
This guy is going to be a real pain in the ass. Over the course of the game we will meet him several times and each encounter will be quite similar to the others, a very tough fight. Wait for a couple of his attacks, then punish him with a few quick attacks. Try to use 2-3 hit melee combos so you don't get too exposed. If his fist starts to glow red it means he will use a powerful combo that can't be blocked, so devastating that on higher difficulties being hit equates to instant death. Don't let this happen and get ready to dodge. Watch the video to see the strategy to use.

IDE-1011 Manta Helicopter - Back to the index
For some strange reason the pilot of this flying thing thinks that bumping into Ryu directly instead of using his many weapons is a viable option. Leave him alone and dodge the attacks, shoot the arrows at the rocket launchers under the wings. Try not to stay too far in the center of the platform. Follow the instructions, when you are on the sides facing the turret, slide from side to side and then attack the turret when it is overheated. Repeat as required!

Gigantosaurus - Back to the index
So ... uh? ... Gigantosaurus? For real? Well after the robot-spider the Robo T-Rex certainly can't impress us. He typically keeps circling around with his head down before hitting the ground. Give it room for some attacks, then slip away and try to hit. It usually uses a tail attack when it gets up, and it's best to avoid getting hit as it is very powerful. After causing enough damage, his body will turn to metal and you will have to repeat the same procedure by always attacking his head. Do this only when it is on the ground though, as it has a very powerful bite. Repeat until you beat him.

Regent of the Mask (2) - Back to the index
New meeting with the masked friend. Follow the advice given for the first meeting. This time it will have a couple more attacks, so beware.

Prototype Dea "loveleace" - Back to the index
The arms of this monster transform into different shapes, each with different abilities. First of all: stay away when the arms turn red. Whatever form you take, dodge the attacks and then counterattack. Follow the video

Obaba - Back to the index
That is, a sort of giant tree with a sphere in hand and the weak point on the branch / arm. You'll have to fend off waves of enemies as you try to hit the sweet spot on the arm when it turns red. Occasionally he will try to hit you with his other arm, you shoot arrows at the ball in the palm of your hand to block this attack. Towards the end a force field will defend itself, destroy the nearby tentacles to eliminate it and defeat it for good.

Epigonos (Dark Ryu) - Back to the index
Follow the video

LOA Chairman - Back to the index
Follow the video

Regent of The Mask (3) - Back to the index
Still here??? Also in this case the clash will be quite similar to the previous ones, so the advice of the first meeting with him is worth.

Cliff - Back to the index
Follow the video

Regent of the Mask (4) - Back to the index
This is truly the latest. Follow the video

Goddess - Back to the index
Follow the video

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