Objective / Trophy Guide "What's yours is mine"

Thief: Collectibles Guide [Collectables]


For collectible maniacs, Thief puts almost a hundred collectibles on the plate. Challenge accepted?

Objective / Trophy Guide "What's yours is mine"

In Thief for Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3 and PC we have a total of 82 objects that we will have to collect to complete all the collections. The first we will find it automatically in the course of the main story, while the others are scattered throughout all the chapters that make up the adventure, the jobs for clients and in the free world in the city.

At any time you can open the newspaper and find out how many collectibles you have collected in the area you are in and how many are missing, including the loot. Not only that, always in the menu there is also a more specific item dedicated to collectibles that groups them by categories. At the end of the mission a summary will tell us if we have forgotten to collect something, so we can decide whether to replay the mission immediately or whether to do it later.

Always remember to stock up on arrows of different types before starting a chapter as some collectibles can only be collected if you have the appropriate equipment.

Here are some videos that show, chapter by chapter, where all of Thief's collectibles are located. Good luck!

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 1

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 2

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 3

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 4

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 5

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 6

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 7

Thief Collectibles - Chapter 8

Thief Collectibles - Open World, The City

Thief Collectibles - Ector 1 Works

Thief Collectibles - Ector 2 Works

Thief Collectibles - Ector 3 Works

Thief Collectibles - Vittori Works 1

Thief Collectibles - Vittori Works 2

Thief Collectibles - Vittori Works 3

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