ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red Trophies for Playstation 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Perfect timing
Perform an action correctly.
Complete the Beyond the Strongest mission within 3 minutes.
Speed ​​queen
Complete the Strongest in the World mission within 6 minutes.
Speed ​​king
Complete the Pride of a Pirate Crew mission within 6 minutes.
Complete a strong word sequence.
Greet citizens 300 times.
Use Gom Gom Rocket 500 times.
Complete 10 scratch cards.
Collect 100000 Berries.
No more rookie
Accumulate 5000 Pirate Points.
Friends on my side
Complete a mission in multiplayer mode.
Near helper
Complete 60 missions.
Enemies gallery
Complete the entire gallery of characters.
Complete the entire gallery of words.
Fruits of training
Reach character level 50.
Complete Arena.
Hidden skill
Reach level 40 for all characters.
I will become the king of pirates!
Get all trips.


ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red secret trophies

Completed Prologue
Complete the prologue.
Episode 1 completed
Complete Episode 1.
Episode 2 completed
Complete Episode 2.
Episode 3 completed
Complete Episode 3.
Episode 4 completed
Complete Episode 4.
Episode 5 completed
Complete Episode 5.
Episode 6 completed
Complete Episode 6.
Episode 7 completed
Complete Episode 7.
Episode 8 completed
Complete Episode 8.
Rubber hero
Use Luffy's Detour 100 times.
Master swordsman
Use Zoro's Cut 100 times.
Cat thief
Steal items or Berry with Nami 100 times.
King of snipers
Hit 200 times in Sniper mode with Usopp.
Use Sanji's Attack Cuisine 50 times.
Use Chopper's Remedy Maker 50 times.
Obtain 30 items using Robin's Tablet Reading skill.
Build 50 cannons with Franky's Cannon Placement skill.
Soul King
Use Brook's New World ability 50 times.
I will face you all!
Defeat 5000 enemies.
Miraculous return
Use your character's special abilities 100 times.
Travel a total of 50000m.
Expert bug catcher
Catch 13 types of insects.
Fishing Master
Catch 14 types of fish.
You heard me!
Complete an expansion.
Complete 15 expansions.
Eat 100 dishes from the restaurant.
Make 30 crops in the garden.
Prepare 100 items at the pharmacy.
Craft 100 items at the factory.
Money maker
Get 50000 Berry from the museum.
Power of words
Power up 100 strong words.
A nose for objects
Break 300 crates.
War declaration
Use Firebird Star to hit the World Government in Enies Lobby.
Value of piracy
Complete Hard Main Story.
Complete all boss missions.
Final episode completed
Complete the final episode.
Complete 300 strong word sequences.
Lover of nature
Complete an entire collection of insects and fish.
Master builder
Complete all expansions.

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