Overwatch 2: Genji's Korean voice actor hasn't recorded his lines

Over the past few months, fans have shown that they had a large number of expectations for the presence of Overwatch 2 to the BlizzConline, waiting to receive an official release date for the famous and adrenaline-pumping team shooter as soon as possible. However, based on comments recently released by Gaku Space, the Korean voice actor of Genji, the title is probably still a long way from an official version. Space, who recently played the lead of cyberpunk 2077 in the Korean version of the title, he was briefly questioned about Overwatch during an interview focused on the new and controversial title of CD Porjekt RED.

According to what was stated through the translations edited by Evenstar6132 on a Reddit thread when asked if he is still working on Overwatch, Space replied that he is still involved in the project, but has not yet recorded his lines. This immediately created numerous doubts in the fans waiting to receive information on the title which, considering the importance that the character should have within the title, have rightly pointed out that to respect the deadlines his lines should already be been registered. While the actor may have been secretly replaced, and this option seems decidedly unlikely, the most likely scenario is that the title is simply taking longer to develop than was originally anticipated due to thesanitary emergency currently in progress.

From this point of view, Overwatch 2 would not be the first title to suffer significant slowdowns due to Covid-19 considering that in recent months the pandemic has literally brought the entire entertainment sector to its knees, causing numerous problems in the production of a large number of video games and film products. Although at the moment Blizzard has not yet released any statements on the matter, it is very likely that the use of the smart-working has a very important impact on the development of the sequel. That said, we just have to wait for more information on the current conditions of the video game.

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