Paradox Interactive expands "to develop new strategic games"

In the past few hours, the team of Paradox Interactive, creators of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, The series Crusader Kings and the recently announced sequel Crusader Kings 3, announced the opening of a new development team. Paradox Tinto, here is the name of the new studio, will be based in that of Barcelona and Johan andersson will be in charge of the new team. Here are the words of the creative director of Paradox Development Studio and designer of Europa Universalis 4:

I am thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to build a new studio in a new location, leveraging the knowledge accumulated over the decades of game building and development studios. My goal is to assemble a team and create a fully functional studio, to continue developing the Europa Universalis brand and subsequently design and develop new great strategy games.

At the moment we do not know the future plans of the Swedish company and what other projects it has in the pipeline, but certainly the opening of the new studio in Barcelona will help support the Europa Universalis 4 team and the creation of new great strategic titles. Also, recently Paradox Interactive published the financial report for 2019, proving to be the most profitable year ever.

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