Payday 2: tricks to have infinite money and XP up to level 100 [360-PS3-PC]

    Payday 2: tricks to have infinite money and XP up to level 100 [360-PS3-PC]

    Payday 2: tricks to have infinite money and XP up to level 100 [360-PS3-PC]


    Payday 2 is about to hit stores, on time for the launch date set for tomorrow, August 16th. It should be noted, however, that several gameplay videos of the game have been circulating on the net for several days, demonstrating the fact that the cases in which a game arrives in the peer to peer circuits (torrents and the like) are not so rare. play before its official release in stores. Noooo, it's not done to dad, no, poop !!!

    Among these videos we have found a couple of interesting ones that explain how to earn experience points (XP) and money quickly and easily in Payday 2.

    As always in these cases, we remind you that these are glitches / exploits of the game which, although it happens rarely, could still be corrected with subsequent game patches.

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    How to make $ 15.000 and up in 4 minutes
    Here is a first method to earn money without too much effort. As soon as you start the game on you will find the mission "Four Stores" in which you will have to rob 4 Stores until you get a loot of at least $ 15.000. In the shops there are both cash boxes that open instantly and safes that require several minutes of drilling to be broken into.

    What you probably don't know is that the money in the "instant" boxes is enough to reach and sometimes even exceed the required limit of $ 15.000, the important thing is to find them all. That said, here is a good strategy for making money with this mission: clear ALL the crates and you will see a message appear warning you that you have exceeded the $ 15.000 goal, so wait for the van and get in as soon as it arrives to close the mission. . If you play alone it will take about 3/4 minutes, but in co-op it will take even less. Repeat as many times as you like to earn a nice bundle of money, experience points, and a card that unlocks more money, weapons, or weapon modifications each time.

    Payday 2: tricks to have infinite money and XP up to level 100 [360-PS3-PC]Remember that the position of the boxes is random and varies from game to game. The probable places in which these appear, however, are not many, so in 2-3 games you will have seen them all and you will have no difficulty in finding them all in a short time (in the video we show all the probable positions). Waiting for the drills to open the safes is not convenient. These contain some extra money, but it is more rewarding to spend that time repeating the mission several times without opening the safes. Here is a video showing how to proceed.

    How to earn easy money and XP up to level 100 (maximum)
    Here is another method, much more effective than the one just described. First of all log in to and select the "Spies" map which becomes available only after you have reached Level 13. In this area of ​​ 4 missions will be available, among them is the mission "Bus Stop ". This mission asks you to kill all of Mendoza's men on the bus and that's exactly what you have to play. As soon as possible, go straight to the goal, get on the bus and take out everyone. Without wasting any more time, return to the helicopter to complete the mission and receive your hard-earned dollars and experience points, it should take you less than 1 minute in total.

    Here comes the trick. In the post-mission screen, discover the card you obtained by clicking on Payday and, instead of continuing through the menu, press the START button and select "Replay Mission". In this way you will repeat the mission earning more money, XP and, depending on what you draw by uncovering the cards, even weapons or weapon modifications.

    You can repeat this simple process as many times as you want to unlock all the weapons and quickly accumulate money and XP points until you reach level 50. Once you reach level 50 you will have to return to and of the 2 that you will see you will have to select the "Spies" area with 3 yellow stars (not the one with 1 star). Now go back to the "Bus Stop" mission and repeat the process again until you get to Level 100.

    Here is a video showing this process. Good fun

    * Thanks to "Lo Raid" for his contribution to improving driving.

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