Payday 2: Trophy and Achievement Guide [Platinum PS3 / 1000 G 360]

Payday 2: Trophy and Achievement Guide [Platinum PS3 / 1000 G 360]


Ready the guide for "Platinare" / "Millare" Payday 2.

If you have difficulty in overcoming some points of the game, remember that in the tricks and guides tab of Payday 2 there is also a complete video solution of the game, among other guides.

This is the complete solution to unlock all Payday 2 Achievements and Trophies. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.

The first set of achievements involves completing certain missions in a certain way. Then you will find directly links to videos that show exactly how to proceed to unlock the achievement in the mission.

The game is certainly more enjoyable when played in co-op. In addition, with the help of one or more friends it is also easier to unlock different achievements. To find friends to play Payday 2 in co-op, feel free to use the topic for agreements in the forum.


Boiling atmosphere
On Day 1 of the Watch Dogs job, prevent the cops from shooting the escape vehicle.
Watch the video

Intelligence with the gills
On day 2 of the Watch Dogs work, throw a duffel bag overboard and hope it doesn't attract fish.
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Guess riddle
On day 2 of the Pyromaniac job, complete the heist cautiously without tampering with the computer.
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First line
On day 3 of the Pyromaniac job, find the rare poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.
Watch the video

Zero in chemistry
On day 1 of work The Spy, blow up the lab.
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Pirate of the Caribbean
On day 2 of work The Spy, he brings more bags of meth to the exchange, but he steals the money.
Watch the video

Danger of explosion
On day 3 of work The Spy, go away carrying 7 bags without defusing any bombs.
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Passionate about painting
On day 1 of the Snap Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.
Watch the video

Good deal
On day 2 of the Interlocking Frame work, swap 9 paintings.
Watch the video

But I wasn't even there!
On day 3 of the Interlocking Frame work, steal the gold with the zipline without the alarm going off.
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Criminale felpato
Reach reputation level 25.
See suggestions for the "Most Wanted" result

Career criminal
Reach reputation level 75.
See suggestions for the "Most Wanted" result

Got it, got it!
Grab a duffel bag in mid-air.
Watch the video

I knew I was doing the wrong thing
On day 1 of the Big Oil job, go to the basement and open the cash dispensers.
Watch the video

Fantastic doctor
On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist by locating the right engine on the first try.
Watch the video

Diamonds are forever
In the Jewelery job, steal 4 duffel bags without the escape car starting the first time.
Watch the video

Let's do it...
In Work in Ukraine, complete the heist in no more than 35 seconds.
Watch the video

Gold rush
In the Four Shops job, he finds a gold bar in a safe.
The position of the gold bar is totally random. Open the safes until you find one. In the video you can see all the possible positions of the safes.
Watch the video

I point it all!
In the Night club job, you put a duffel full of cash on the poker table.
Watch the video

Shoot the windows!
In the Mall Action job, destroy all the windows in the mall.
Watch the video

On day 1 of the Pyromaniac job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.
Watch the video

King of the hill
In Park Escape, prevent law enforcement officers from entering the park before the van arrives.
Watch the video

You will not pass!
In Escape From Viaduct, prevent the cops from setting foot on the bridge before your escape.
Watch the video

A cappuccino with a lot of foam
In Escape the Club, grab all the loot and escape within 30 seconds of the van arriving.
Watch the video

Rain of bullets
In Escape from the Road, escape without taking out any enemy snipers.

They say I steal bags
In Escape from the garage, leave with 8 bags.
Apparently it is almost impossible to unlock this achievement by playing alone. In cooperative with friends, a component with good lockpicking skills (burglar) will open the doors on the fastest way, while the others will carry the bags forward.

Secret place
Find the basement hidden in the secret lair.
This achievement cannot be missed and will come by itself when you enter the secret lair and put the money in the scale of the statue in the room.

I heal, resist and do damage
Spend 10 skill points in each skill tree.
As you progress through the game and level up you will get skill points to improve your character. To unlock this achievement you need to spend 10 skill points in each of the 4 skill categories in the game. Just keep playing to get the skill points needed to do so.

Iron man
Wear the Upgraded Combination Tactical Vest.
Keep spending skill points in the "Enforcer" skill tree to get this vest. Wear it and you will unlock the result.

Round digit
Get $ 1.000.000 in spending money.
To unlock this achievement you will need to accumulate a total of $ 1.000.000. It will not be enough to earn them, you will have to have them all together without spending them. The figure is high enough, but not impossible. The hard part is managing not to spend it. Follow our guide for some tips on how to make money fast.

Now there is no turning back
Finish your first job.
It is one of the first results you will unlock, it cannot be missed.

Spend and earn
Spend $ 1.000.000 in total.
After unlocking the "Round Number" result, give yourself crazy joy and spend the amount to unlock this result as well.

Who starts well ...
Reach reputation level 5.
See suggestions for the "Most Wanted" result

Guilty of crimes
Reach reputation level 10.
See suggestions for the "Most Wanted" result

Armed and dangerous
Reach reputation level 50.
See suggestions for the "Most Wanted" result

Sought after
Reach reputation level 100.
As you progress through the game and complete the various missions you will receive experience points that will increase your level. To get to level 100 it is therefore necessary to continue playing. Also follow our guide to earn XP and level up quickly.

Nice load
Get to own 9 weapons.
See the "Weapon Collector" result suggestions

Arms collector
Get to own 18 weapons.
As explained in the Payday 2 Weapons Unlocking Guide, in-game weapons unlock as you level up. Once unlocked, however, they must also be purchased. So I recommend continuing to play and leveling up to unlock them, then, after unlocking the "Round figure" achievement, buy 18 weapons to unlock this too. As soon as you buy the first one, you will also unlock the "Two Years Guarantee" achievement.

Nobody cared who I was ...
Until I put on the mask.
You will unlock it as soon as you put on the mask for the first time. Impossible to miss.

Masked criminal
Edit a mask for the first time.
As explained in the guide to unlock the masks, the customization parts of the masks are obtained randomly by drawing cards at the end of each mission. You will unlock this result the first time you edit the mask in the mask editor.

Armed to the teeth
Modify a weapon for the first time.
Weapon mods are obtained by drawing cards at the end of each mission. These appear very often, as soon as you have one go to the weapon modification menu and apply it to unlock this achievement.

Guaranteed for two years
Buy a weapon for the first time.
See the "Weapon Collector" result suggestions

How am i doing?
Wear armor for the first time.
As per description. Equip an armor in the equipment modification menu and you will unlock this achievement.

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