Persona 5 Strikers - Complete Combo Guide

In Persona 5 Strikers, here you find our review of the game of Atlus, each character has his own combo. Combos, as you already know, are special moves that each character can perform in battle. They are similar to the special shots found in fighting games, but require the completion of a certain keystroke to perform correctly.

The following guide may contain major and minor spoilers on Persona 5 Strikers, regarding various playful sections and events of Atlus' patented story. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before having concluded the experience in its entirety, and to be careful to avoid ruining some surprises that could undermine your use of the product.

Each of the Combos unlocks as you battle enemies in the main story as you level up. Try to complete as many battles as possible in Persona 5 Strikers to make them available asap and get various bonuses. In this guide we will tell you for each character, the name of the combo and which keys you must press to implement them.


  • Marking Shot: Pursue enemies by shooting with a triangle on the ground or in the air.
  • Wild Rush: long combo, square repeated five times and triangle, ending with a Persona attack with triangle.
  • Phantom Shot: press square for normal attack and triangle for special attack, they don't consume bullets. You can also perform a special 3-hit hit after a specific attack.
  • Burst Shot: hold L1, hold R1 to consume bullets to fire powerful shots.

Ryuji / Skull

  • Gun Skipping: Press square twice and triangle to chase enemies with Captain Kidd on the last shot.
  • Reckless Shove: press square and triangle. The combo damage increases and allows Captain Kidd to add another hit to the attack.
  • Sprinter: Increases attack stacking speed.
  • Spirit: Extends Courage Duration and Increases Damage Reduction.

Morgana / Mona

  • Beast Eyes: Press square four times and triangle to chase enemies with the last shot.
  • Beckoning Cat: Press square for normal attack, triangle for special attack, square three times and triangle to attract enemies during rotation.
  • Miracle Punch: press square twice and triangle.
  • Sonic Charge: Transforms into a bus to charge enemies, creating a shockwave that deals wind damage.

Ann / Panther

  • Don't Miss It!: Press Square five times to chase enemies with the last shot.
  • Do you like it hot?: during Enchant you can lower yourself with a triangle at the end of the special attack you have always activated with a triangle.
  • Lie Crying: the square button calls Carmen to cast Tarunda.
  • Strong Flame: Increases the damage of the flame attack and the chance of inflicting burns.

Yusuke / Fox

  • Scattering Blades of Ice: Press square twice and triangle to conquer enemies with the last shot.
  • Hyper Counter: Using the combo with triangle, or square four times and triangle, allows you to increase the number of times you can hit with the special attack, triggered by the triangle, for a short time.
  • World Robbery: Press square and triangle to summon Goemon and launch Sukukaja. Hitting multiple times will allow Goemon to throw Masukukaja.
  • Freeze Counter Finishing: pressing triangle activates a freezing effect. You can activate it quickly by attacking repeatedly.

Makoto / Queen

  • Wheelie Ride: Press Square twice and Triangle to chase enemies with the last shot.
  • End of the Century Rider: Press the special triangle attack after Burst has been upgraded.
  • H: Press the special triangle attack after Burst has been upgraded.
  • Heat Riser: Burst starts automatically when 1MORE or Chase is activated.

Haru / Noir

  • Ax Waltz: Press square four times to chase enemies with the last shot.
  • Thread Ax: press square and triangle to inflict dizziness.
  • Sing in the Rain: increases the power and range of all shots. Bullets will also not wear out when you hold down the gun button.
  • Etoile: Pressing and holding the special attack gradually makes it faster and less likely to wince.


  • AI Spinning: Press square four times and triangle to chase enemies with the last shot.
  • Catch and Go: Improves the normal attack by one level when performed at the end of a combo, both on the ground and in the air.
  • Deep Learning: Press triangle to start the special attack right after Just Catch power up. You can also repeatedly press square and triangle, or square and triangle twice during the update.
  • Super Blaster: While pressing L1, press and hold R1 to fire an absorb bullet that heals you when Just Catch is successful.

Zenkichi / Wolf

  • Wolf's Bite: Pressing Triangle all attacks during Madness deal Almighty damage.
  • Hunting: Pressing triangle increases the HP draw when Madness is not
  • Howl: During Madness, it reduces the HP loss rate and increases the critical rate.
  • Wolves' Fang: Press square and triangle to chase enemies with the last shot. It also increases the duration of the combo.

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