Playable character list

The Lego Movie Videogame: complete list of playable characters


The official game from the official LEGO brick movie is coming to our consoles. Here she is complete list of the Heroes, Anti-Heroes and any bricks that will be present in The Lego Movie Videogame.

Playable character list

The Managing Director of TT Games Publishing, Tom Stone, has confirmed that in the game we will be able to unlock more than 90 characters from the world of Lego and DC Universe. Tom also added: "We are thrilled to be able to give everyone the joy of reliving Emmet's adventures of becoming virtual master builders with The LEGO Movie Videogame. Players will face the final mission firsthand to save the LEGO world and use the their virtual building skills to build the most unimaginable creations. "

Here is a video showing all the characters in the game:

Below you will find the alphabetical list of all confirmed characters in the game, with some references to the different costumes available.


  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Astro Kitty
  3. Bad cop
  4. Batman [Master Builder]
  5. Benny [Master Builder]
  6. Blaze Firefighter
  7. Biznis kitty
  8. Bruce Wayne
  9. Calamity Drone
  10. Cardio Carrie
  11. Caveman
  12. Cleopatra
  13. Demolition Guy
  14. Deputron
  15. Dr McScrubs
  16. The Macho Wrestler
  17. Emmet [Instruction Builder]
  18. Emmet (Clown)
  19. Emmet (LEGO Piece)
  20. Emmet (Lizard)
  21. Emmet (Master Builder)
  22. Emmet (Old West)
  23. Emmet (Piece of Resistance) [Instruction Builder]
  24. Emmet (Pyjamas)
  25. Emmet (Robot Disguise)
  26. Emmet (Shower)
  27. Emmet (Surgeon)
  28. Emmet (Trash Can)
  29. Emmet (Wheel Head)
  30. Emmet (Woodsman)
  31. Executive Ellen
  32. FemBot
  33. Frank the Foreman
  34. Gail
  35. Gallant Guard
  36. Gandalf [Master Builder]
  37. Garbageman Dan
  38. Garbageman Grant
  39. Good Cop (Scribble Face)
  40. Gordon Zola
  41. Green Lantern [Master Builder]
  42. Green Ninja [Master Builder]
  43. Hank Haystacks
  44. Hot Tub Harry
  45. Ice Cream Jo
  46. Ice Cream Mike
  47. Kabob Bob
  48. Lady Liberty
  49. Larry the Barista
  50. Lord Business (Minifigure)
  51. Lord Vampyre
  52. My Cop
  53. Magician
  54. MetalBeard (Minifigure)
  55. michelangelo
  56. Mrs Scratchen-Post
  57. Mummy
  58. Native
  59. Old Ollie — downloadable only from the Wild West Pack
  60. Pa Cop
  61. Panda guy
  62. Plumber Joe
  63. President Business
  64. Prospector
  65. Queasy Kitty
  66. Robo (Construction)
  67. Robo (Demolition)
  68. Robo Cowboy
  69. Robo Fed
  70. Robo Skeleton
  71. Robo SWAT with Gun
  72. Robo SWAT (Armour) with Nightstick
  73. Robo SWAT (Laser)
  74. Robo SWAT (Rocket)
  75. Rootbeer Belle — downloadable only from the Wild West Pack
  76. Shakespeare AKA William Shakespeare [Master Builder]
  77. Sharon Shoehorn
  78. Sheriff Not-a-Robot
  79. Sir Stack-a-Brick
  80. Sudds Backwash — downloadable only from the Wild West Pack
  81. Superman [Master Builder]
  82. Swamp Creature
  83. Taco Tuesday Guy
  84. Test Dummy
  85. Tomahawk
  86. Unikitty
  87. Velma staplebot
  88. Vitruvius (Ghost) [Master Builder / Builder Without Instructions]
  89. Vitruvius (Old) [Master Builder / Builder Without Instructions]
  90. Where Are My Pants? Guy
  91. Wild Will — downloadable only from the Wild West Pack
  92. Wiley fusebot
  93. Witch
  94. Wonder Woman [Master Builder]
  95. Wyldstyle [Master Builder / Builder Without Instructions]
  96. Wyldstyle (Hood) [Master Builder / Builder Without Instructions]
  97. Wyldstyle (Old West)
  98. Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise)
  99. Wyldstyle (Space)
  100. Yeti

Remember to consult the sheet cheats of The Lego Movie Videogame for other guides on this game.

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