PlayStation 5 - Guide to resolve error CE-100028-1

    PlayStation 5 - Guide to resolve error CE-100028-1

    PlayStation 5, the new next-gen console by license plate Sony, is finally here, but the launch was not the rosiest, due to some problems and errors that involved several users. One of the most frequent is certainly theerror CE-100028-1, which prevents you from install some titles, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - the new chapter in the popular first-person shooter series developed by Treyarch -, and for which the official PlayStation support has not yet indicated an official solution. Looking for the error code on the Sony official website, in fact, you will be redirected to one 404 error page, as this is not recognized. Fortunately, we have one solution to solve the problem.

    As anticipated, the PlayStation 100028 error CE-1-5 does not allow you to install some titles and, in some cases, not even some updates. To solve this unfortunate inconvenience, unfortunately, you will have to format your PlayStation 5. The solution is therefore quite drastic, but fortunately, thanks to theSSD of the console, the operation will be performed in a few minutes. After making a backup of your saved data, in case you have any, and proceed with the initialization of the PS5. Here's how:

    • Go to Settings> System
    • Select "System Software"
    • Select "Initialization Options"
    • Select "Initialize your console"
    • Select "Initialize"

    At this point, just wait for the process to finish, to start playing with your PlayStation 5 again. For more information on the Sony console, we direct you to our section dedicated to the brand new next-gen console.

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