PlayStation 5 is looking for a new emoji for its Twitter hashtag

Today November 12 marks the day one of PlayStation 5 in much of the world, allowing even the general public to get their hands on the console of Sony, which until now had been relegated only to some journalists of the specialized press. On the occasion of this semi-global launch and to celebrate the arrival of the new videogame generation also on social networks, the Japanese multinational asked all fans about Twitter help to choose which one will be the new emoji that will accompany the hashtag dedicated to the next-gen console. This selection is taking place right now, through a series of polls published on all international PlayStation profiles, which will decide which image will come out victorious.

The mode chosen to discover the user's favorite emoticon will be a kind of tournament knockout, which fight after fight will see only one emoji prevail over the others, becoming in effect the new face of the hashtag dedicated to PlayStation 5 on Twitter. The images that have been chosen to participate in these surveys are beautiful hand-illustrated icons, and each represents a particular aspect of what characterizes the new videogame generation according to Sony: whether they are more concrete drawings such as close-ups on the console or on the controller Dualense, or more abstract like the iconic keys that travel in the sky.

To participate in the tournament you can simply go to the official PlayStation twitter profiles around the world and choose the emoji you prefer in the various polls, so as to automatically pass it to the second phase of the preliminary rounds. At the moment the design that is most convincing is the one called "Ground Control", which shows a silhouette of the DualSense that stands out against a circular background that presents the classic pattern with the usual four buttons of each Sony controller, which is winning its poll with 67% of the votes in his favor. For us Europeans, this initiative can also be a great way to pass the time before the official release of PlayStation 5, which we are scheduled for the next November 19.

Help choose the next PS5 hashtag emoji!

12 designs ?
3 selection rounds ☑️
1 new # ⃣ reveal ?

Polls start rolling out today with help from some of our PS pals around the ?

- PlayStation (@PlayStation) November 11, 2020

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