PlayStation Store: here is the new library, it will be manageable from the website

As we approach the launch of the new next generation consoles, there are a lot of innovations in the services offered, just like it did. Sony, which last week announced that a new version of the PlayStation Store for the web and for mobile devices. This revision of the site dedicated to the digital store, in addition to eliminating the possibility of purchasing products for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems, will allow all players to consult and manage their library of physical and digital games directly from the web portal, thanks to the new function "Collection of Games".

Thanks to this new page you can organize your own games, applying various filters that allow you to more easily navigate between your games and applications purchased on PlayStation 4. Furthermore, the possibility to select is already present PlayStation 5 among the filters, so the new site has rightly already been optimized for the next generation system as well. The various applicable filters allow you to catalog and consult the games, as well as the console to which they belong, depending on the software purchased, the titles played, the downloads made and the games obtained through PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now.

For now, no other news has been released regarding Sony's digital store, which, however, given its major overhaul, could implement many new features, in addition to the functionality contained in the Games Collection. Therefore, the new version of the website that includes this function projects us towards the new version of the PlayStation Store, which we remember will be released by the end of the current month and maybe it will also start to give us some small clues as to how the new interface of PlayStation 5 will be set up, of which we still know nothing despite missing just over a month before its arrival in stores.

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