Pokemon GO: guide to attack and conquer the Gyms

Pokemon GO: guide to attack and conquer the Gyms


In this guide we see how they attack and conquer opposing Gyms in Pokemon GO.

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As we have already seen in the guide on how Pokemon GO Gyms work, there are several benefits that come from conquered gyms for members of a faction. Everything goes smoothly when a gym is free or is already conquered by its faction, but what needs to be done to conquer a gym that belongs to an opposing faction?

First of all you have to approach and select it, you will see the name of the trainer (gym leader) who conquered it, its level and above all the level of its Pokémon represented in Battle Points.

At this point you will have to decide whether the venture is worth trying or not Looking first at the Gym Leader Pokemon's Battle Points: if he has 1000 CP and your best Pokemon has 200, then it's best to leave it alone.

If you think your Pokemon are up to it, the second step is to form the attack team: you will have to choose six Pokémon, obviously keeping in mind the characteristics of the Pokemon that defends the gym. Remember that the higher the prestige of a gym, the more Pokemon there are to defend it, as the Pokemon of the gym leader's friends can also defend it. You will have to face them all, from the weakest to the toughest.

Once in combat you will have to tap on the defending Pokémon and do some side swipes at the right time to try to dodge his special attacks (consider that it often pays more to do random and very quickly ...). In this way you can avoid the attacks of the Pokémon and then go to the counterattack: when the small blue rectangles fill up it means that you can make a special attack by holding down on the screen. To find out which special attack you have available, just look at the card of each individual Pokémon.

Sending hits you can drop the opposing Pokémon's experience points and then defeat it.

After defeating the defender (or defenders) the Gym will become free and you can easily conquer it as we have already explained in the guide to the Pokemon GO Gyms.

What do you get by conquering gyms?

We close the guide with the rewards for those who conquer. In addition to the noble and imperishable glory and a new gym for your faction, by conquering a gym you will also get a lot of loot: you will find Poké Balls, Elixir to revive exhausted Pokémon and potions to heal them, as well as a good dose of experience points.

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