Pokémon GO: guide to find and catch new Pokemon

    Pokémon GO: guide to find and catch new Pokemon

    Pokémon GO: guide to find and catch new Pokemon


    In this guide we see how to start finding Pokemon and then catching them in Pokemon Go.

    Don't forget to also consult the complete Pokémon GO cheats and guide card for other useful guides on this game.

    How to find new Pokemon

    If you have Pokemon GO installed and want to start your hunt the first thing you need to know is that to find new Pokemon you have to leave the house and visit new areas.

    In the lower right corner of the screen of your device you will notice the silhouettes of some pokémon. Tap the button to activate a menu that indicates which Pokemon are nearby and how far they are (the latter data is indicated with the number of footprints that grows with distance).

    To activate tracking on a specific type, all you have to do is select it, and the icon at the bottom right will show only it. Now walk in one direction, you will see that the icon will start to emanate more and more flashes closer together as you get closer, while the footprints will begin to decrease, a sign that you are approaching the Pokemon.

    In addition, if you notice some leaves that are candied in a certain point of the map, you can immediately reach that area because it is a clear signal that indicates the presence of a Pokemon in that point.

    How to catch new Pokemon

    The signal that indicates that you are close enough to the Pokemon is the vibration of your phone. The Pokemon (or Pokemon) will appear on the phone, tap the one you prefer to start the fight.

    Around the pokémon you will notice two circles of different colors, a white outer one and an inner one that can be green, yellow, orange or red. The color indicates the Pokemon's ability, if it is orange or red it means that it will give you a hard time as it is very adept at dodging and escaping.

    The colored circle will close on itself regularly: your goal is to throw the Pokeball with a swipe towards the Pokemon, when the colored circle is narrowest. If you succeed, the Pokemon will be yours.

    Keep in mind that catching NEW Pokemon earns you many more experience points than catching a Pokemon you already own: in the first case you will get 500XP, while catching a previously captured Pokemon you only get 100XP.

    In addition, the launch also affects the experience points earned, the more accurate the launch the more XP you will get.

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