Pokemon GO: guide to find Megaball, Ultraball and MasterBall

Pokemon GO: guide to find Megaball, Ultraball and MasterBall


In this guide we see how to have Mega Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball in Pokemon GO.

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In addition to the Pokeballs which are the most common and are used to capture the lowest level Pokemon (we have already dealt with them in the guide to find the PokeBalls in Pokemon GO without paying anything) there are other types of balls, namely the Megaballs, the Ultraballs and the Masterballs.

It is more powerful balls that are indispensable for catching the highest level Pokemon, that is, those that during the fight appear with the orange or red circle around (for more details follow the guide to find and capture new Pokemon in Pogemon GO.

What do you need to do to get Megaball and Ultraballs?

As we have already seen in the guide to unlockables by leveling up Pokemon GO, Megaballs are awarded when you reach level 12 and, from that moment on, it is possible to find them as a reward by visiting the Pokestops.

In the same way, Ultraballs are awarded when you reach level 20 and, subsequently, visiting the Pokestops. Not only that, also remember that from level 20 onwards each level increase will give you about 10 Ultraballs. 

At the moment, the only alternative to the aforementioned methods to get Megaball and Ultraball seems to be just buying them with real money from the store ...

How to find the Master Balls

About the Master Balls at the moment not much is known at the moment. They are not even in the shop, some say they unlock when you reach level 30. We will update the guide as soon as we have more precise news about it.

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