Pokémon Go: here is the date of the new Community Day, Snivy protagonist

    Pokémon Go: here is the date of the new Community Day, Snivy protagonist

    Niantic recently confirmed the date of new Pokémon Go Community Day, which will see as the protagonist Snivy, the fifth generation grass starter Pokémon. The event in question will be held on the day of11th April, from 11:00 17:00 (), and during the latter there will be several bonuses and news. First among all, Snivy will be much easier to find, just like yours Shiny version Pokémon Go, which will therefore be more common in these hours of Community Day.

    To help players in the enterprise, and to celebrate the happy stay of all users in the community of this fantastic game for AR on mobile, there will also be other bonuses. So here it is all the bonuses of the Community Day dedicated to Snivy of 11 April 2021:

    • The Aroma will last for well 3 hours and the catches will provide triplo of Stardust
    • By evolving Snivy until 19pm on April 00, he will learn the exclusive move Root tree
    • At a cost of € 0,99 it will be possible to buy in the shop i Snivy's Special Research Tickets
    • In the shop will come a special package for Community Day which will give players 50 Ultra Balls, 4 Star Pieces, 4 Silvetri Lure Modules and a MT with the Star Player Loaded Attack

    The new Community Day comes just shortly after the announcement of the brand new Week of the Rivals, which we talked about in this article. Fortunately, the work continues to be properly supported by Niantic, a software house that often takes care of rewarding its community of players, while also working on other projects. We hope to soon discover further news that will refresh the Pokémon Go formula, constantly updated even during this period where playing is particularly complex.

    Before leaving you, we take the opportunity to refer you to our in-depth analysis regarding a recent leak, according to which the developer will soon add real ones within Pokémon Go Pokéstop upgrades, you can access it through the following link.

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