Pokemon GO: quick guide to evolve Pokemon

Pokemon GO: quick guide to evolve Pokemon


In this guide we see how the evolution of Pokemon works in Pokemon GO.

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Checking your Pokédex, you will notice two options under each Pokemon: Boost and Evolve.

In Pokemon Go the evolution of one of your monsters will make it more powerful, also it will be able to change its species, equip it with a new moveset and improve its statistics.

Evolution can be done thanks to Candies which are obtained by catching Pokemon and hatching eggs. It doesn't matter if you take a Pokemon you already own, each capture will allow you to earn specific candies for that Pokémon.

You must know that each Pokemon needs its specific Candy to evolve, and only when you have collected the required number of Candies of its type can you decide to make it evolve. For example, catching, hatching, or swapping Caterpie will give you Caterpie Candy, which can only be used to evolve Caterpie.

Also remember that it is also possible to trade a duplicate Pokemon with Professor Willow in order to get more candy.

But there is another way to evolve Pokémon, that is training. As we have already explained in the guide to how the Pokemon GO Gyms work, by approaching a gym of your faction, you can train your Pokémon. In this way you will be able to level up your Pokemon, thus earning the opportunity to find more powerful Pokémon and related candies to give to your Pokémon to make them evolve. Likewise, you can challenge other gym leaders to get the same benefits.

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