Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

After two weeks from now Pokémon Direct, the general ferment for eighth generation titles Sword and Shield Pokémon, presented last February 27, continues to bubble in the more or less hidden depths of the web. In particular, the climate of anticipation towards the next official announcements by the company seems to be getting even more lively due to the fact that, just recently, Nintendo registered a new Pokémon-themed trademark.

Although this last detail may apparently seem relatively insignificant (after all Nintendo regularly registers the brands related to its products) if placed next to an old "leak" - if we can define it that way, since it was most likely considered a fake - released just six days before the Direct, some points may come to mind, and the image we get from it really risks making us jump out of our chair.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

In fact, what Nintendo recorded last March 5 concerns the brand of "Armored Mewtwo". For those accustomed, in addition to videogame chapters, also to episodes of the animated series or, better still, to Pokémon feature films, this name will certainly not be new: "armored" (from the English, "armored, armed, with armor") is in fact the way in which the Legendary Pokémon par excellence of the first generation appears in the very first Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, a film that among other things is about to return to world cinemas with a beautiful remake made with a significantly improved 3D-style animation.

And it is probably for this occasion, perhaps, that the company has chosen to register a trademark dedicated to Mew's laboratory brother. But why the choice to record it with “Armored”? What on earth will the big N want to push this “product” towards in the future? The questions may not yet have a definite answer, of course. But among the fans there are those who immediately managed to connect some pieces of a puzzle which, at least apparently, would seem rather messy, and he managed to do it by withdrawing that old, alleged and prophetic "leak" released a few days before the Direct.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?Initially published on the 4chan board, this mysterious e anonymous message it was really short-lived, actually. Ignored, snubbed and later deleted, however, he returned to be talked about since two of the six points predicted by that post turned out to be completely true to Direct concluded. Could it have been a mere coincidence, a fortuitous event? Or did the anonymous user really know what he was talking about? We are not even told this, unfortunately, but some fans of rumors and theories are seriously considering the idea of ​​starting to take it for granted - and still others are circulating new interesting "in-depth" rumors precisely on his inspiration.

This is because, according to what has been discovered, formulated, hypothesized and disseminated by some conjectures born for the web, Armored Pokémon they could in a certain sense be linked not only to some new features that will presumably be introduced in Spada and Scudo to renew the fight sector, but also to the lore of the mysterious Meltan, Pokémon that we find in the experience of Let'go Go Pikachu and Eevee. As always, let's start the discussion by going in order.

The Armored Pokémon

On March 5th, Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures (a company of The Pokémon Company) have registered the trademark "Amored Mewtwo", apparently linked to the feature film debut "Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back", Scheduled for July 2019, but in any case not bound only to it. This is because, in fact, the brand dedicated to the Genetic Pokémon it was actually registered as “generic”: similarly to what was done for the recording of Melmetal, in fact, that of Mewtwo would also cover video games, merchandising and other types of events.

Some are therefore assuming that the timing involved in this mysterious recording may mean the existence of some connection with Pokémon Sword and Shield, proposing the idea of ​​a new possible mechanics which will be introduced in the series and called its own Armored Evolution. Furthermore, some new formulations would suggest that the film is linked at least in part with what the Nintendo Switch console can offer: this is because on the dedicated official website, at the bottom of the main page, the wording of the copyright regarding Nintendo Switch is reported, almost as if to mean. a future "crossplay" with this celluloid product - or at least the elements of the plot that compose it - with the virtual world of video games.

In addition, just recently Mewtwo was announced, in its classic form (at least for the time being) will be released shortly in Japan on Let's Go Pikachu ed Eevee for those who proceed to pre-order the ticket of the film, which according to some users could suggest that in the future the "armored" form of the Genetic Pokémon could instead land in the Galar region.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon? What has been speculated so far, obviously, does not promise any kind of guarantee in support of the possible new functionality that will be included in the eighth generation chapters. Also because the registration of a trademark, in reality, does not allow you to hold any confirmation on the features that are usually added in the titles. In fact, just think that for the past generations the trademarks of the Moves Z or delle Megaevoluzioni, months before video games were launched on the market, although they were still features actually included in the titles.

However, while still all based on castles built in the air, nothing has stopped the Pokémon Theorists - it should become a new Trainer class, don't you think? - to arrive at some appropriate conclusions. Even before the Direct and the trailer for the Mewtwo film were released, even before that trademark was registered, a mysterious leak had warned the web "messianically" by saying: "if you don't believe it now, you will believe it later". And right there, right on that occasion there was talk of Pokémon with armor, of a short list of creatures in which Mew's laboratory twin had also been included.

Some theorists, then, retraced their steps and began to think about how credible what was written in that message can be considered credible. Analyzing it well, it is possible to note that the anonymous who posted it on 4chan spoke of four Pokémon that will therefore have this new Armed guise: it is Mewtwo, as we have already said, of Charizard, of Flygon and Zeraora.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

Thinking about this short list, which would therefore include the Pokémon according to the anonymous currently guaranteed in their "armored" variant, the fan base has returned to express itself showing a certain favor. And the very fact that these "armored evolutions" may be part of a new feature in the eighth generation titles - which we have already seen feature Stadium-like gyms and by Gym Leaders probably renamed as Gym Masters - has taken on a different aspect now that you are looking at everything in a new light. It all sounds pretty believable, in fact.

A bit like what happened in the sixth generation with the Mega Evolutions, or in the seventh with the introduction of the Z-Moves, it seems quite likely that Game Freak will resume thea strategy of inserting a new mechanic in each title and this time it is the case of the Pokémon Armed Forms.

Even the choice of Pokémon included in the list, in reality, appears very credible to most. Charizard is definitely a creature that, by nostalgia and appearance, undoubtedly lends itself to having a new evolution with the armor. Mewtwo, needless to say, was the first Pokémon ever to have one (remember when it was locked up in Giovanni's laboratory, right?) And Zeraora and Flygon also have something convincing about it. Especially Flygon, which is perhaps the one that most deserves this new feature.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

Having already been sadly left on the sidelines with the Mega Evolutions - under the general bewilderment of fans - this could really be an opportunity for him to take back a little revenge. And as a demonstration of how perhaps (let's underline, perhaps) something true there could be about this story, just note that the Magic Pokémon was included in the trailer during a fight.

Quite unusual, come to think of it, since it is a creature that is not generally shown by The Pokémon Company in its promotional campaigns. This, according to many fans of theories, is a further point in favor regarding the veracity of that previously snubbed leak.

The lore of Meltan

As for what concerns MeltanInstead, a lot has been speculated about how this small Bolt Pokémon can be traced back to the elements mentioned in the leak, and to what actually binds it to both the lore of the legendary or the Galar Armed Pokémon. It would seem, in fact, that the region of the Sword and Shield will be the ideal setting to allow the story linked to the creature to get a proper deepening, as well as for its evolution that mysteriously reappeared after 3000 years of absence.

According to some rumors, a first clue lies in an element that has been seen and analyzed several times during the various speculations on the trailer and on the region: the geoglyph. If you have read the last editorial about Norse and Celtic mythology, which is presumed to be the basis of the inspiration of Galar and its centuries-old history, you will surely also remember well the study related to the drawing represented on the hill near the mysterious ruins Stonehenge-like.

Well, according to new hypotheses aimed at defining a possible lore to little Meltan, the giant depicted could be its evolution. In support of this theory, a not indifferent detail was pointed out - better visible in a screenshot of the trailer: under the huge giant that spits thunder and lightning, the little creatures that seem to be swept away would remind you of the physiognomy of the Bolt Pokémon.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

If you look closely at the image, in fact, it is possible to perceive a certain similarity between the little Pokémon and the presumed hominids drawn under the thunder-spitting giant. IS even the tail of the mysterious giant, which seems to take up an electric antenna, is quite similar, in terms of concept, to the electric cable that protrudes from the back of Meltan's body.

The huge storm-maker giant, then, could be one more evolution of Meltan, since the little metal creature is able to generate electrical energy and consequently learn also electro-type moves. This new and threatening Alternative melmetalFurthermore, it could be linked to the legendaries of the island, including the mysterious dragon that we see imprinted twice on the buildings of the fortress in the center of Galar, and to the two enigmatic canids that dominate the sword and shield of the logos.

Another point in favor of all these theories, is traced by fans even in the caption concerning Meltan that appears in a video dedicated to Pokémon GO, in the third episode of Updates on Meltan.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

The Meltan therefore have the ability to absorb each other, and this is how they give life to their gigantic evolution (unique case, at the moment, for a mysterious Pokémon) Melmetal. So what some users have assumed is that this ability can be exploited to "merge" (not surprisingly, the name of the Pokémon itself comes from the English combination of the words melt, "Melted", e metal, “Metal”) with other Pokémon and thus give rise to their own Armed forms, to their mighty metal armor.

In the same way as allowed during the sixth generation, which is when the Coach had fun going to the search for Mega Stones, or when he went to the Alolan paths to gather the cells of Zygarde, to get the Armored forms in Sword and Shield the player may have to plumb the meanders of the map to collect all the Meltan needed to activate this new mechanic. Like the various forms of Zygarde and its cells, therefore, the Bolt Pokémon could really be the keystone needed for the new armed forms of the eighth generation Pokémon.

And the two legendaries?

The last point of the mysterious leak that appeared and disappeared prematurely compared to the Pokémon Direct of last February 27, concerns two alleged legendaries certainly different in appearance than what we have used to speculate until now. Although, in fact, on the logos of the titles there are wolf or dog heads - or even dragon heads, according to some theories told in the last editorial - above the sword and shield of the two different versions of the game, according to some users this does not mean that the legendary Pokémon of Galar necessarily have that aspect.

The theory advocated so far has had as its central pivot words such as "armored", "armor", "cuirasses", and this can only be linked even to arms. Well, according to some Pokémon Theorists, the shield and the sword present in the titles of the games would be nothing but what they seem: weapons. And the heads of animals, be they dragon or wolf, would be nothing but gods friezes depicted on them in honor of some element within the game's plot. Weapons that, however, would obviously be possessed by the two Legendary Pokémon of Galar, and exclusive to one or the other version of the game.

In confirmation of this theory, their supporters point out that in fact no logo has ever shown the appearance of the Legendary Pokémon, but rather only an element attributable to it. Never silhouettes or pieces of the body, therefore, how much rather symbols that traced its lore in a more or less marked way. And also as regards the mighty creatures of Galar, therefore, the discourse would not change.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

However, in this last point of the leak many doubts and fantasies still intertwine. The anonymous post was about a certain "snake in armor" and a "wooden horse" - and the jokes about the Trojan horse have been wasted everywhere, to be honest. At the moment, however, no kind of clue has been found, no detail or theory capable of assuming, even in a very small part, a hypothesis of this type.

The last point of the leak is undoubtedly the one considered the most false, at the moment. Despite the efforts made in trying to make sense of the message in its entirety, this specific part remains among all the one currently more difficult to demonstrate. But, despite the lack of evidence, some users still gave vent to their imagination, transforming this meager rumor into other more "in-depth" rumors, or spiced with lots of fantasy: From those who transformed the wooden horse into a graceful unicorn, to those who gave the snake eight legs, there are many ways in which you can see how much hype they created just over seven minutes of Pokémon Direct.

Also because, although this was perhaps the first "leak", whether true or false, to be talked about, there are so many rumors, and there are also many speculations, which are popping up after this within the points meeting place for Pokémon enthusiasts. Many of the published posts, in reality, would be discarded at first glance; others, however, continue to stimulate the imagination and fantasy of those who enjoy themselves in any case look for clues and details hidden within the only announcement for now officially released by Nintendo with the Pokémon Direct, and of those who are committed to following with the sounding the traces of the company as the marketing campaign for the film due out this summer begins.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what is the connection between Meltan and the Armored Pokémon?

However, remember to always keep in mind that nothing of what is reported in this article should be taken as a postulate and that everything remains the result of hypotheses born from the (more or less twisted) mind of the fan base. What do you think of the theories linking Meltan to Pokémon with armor? Do you think there may be somehow a grain of truth? You would like to see in the Pokémon games, in addition to Mega Evolutions or Z-Moves, a new feature that makes the creatures of Game Freak stronger thanks to the synergy between Pokémon and combat armor? We, honestly, wouldn't mind the idea at all.

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