PT demo solution

PT / Silent Hills Demo Complete Solution [PS4]


Here is our step-by-step solution to complete the scariest demo ever conceived.

PT demo solution

If you have somehow followed the announcements made at the just-concluded Gamescom, then you will already know the story of the PT demo available on the playstation store and the "secret" it reveals at the end (if you don't know and want to find out immediately, read this article, otherwise follow our solution).

ATTENTION. SPOILER. Obviously the solution contains spoilers about the demo. If you want to complete it yourself, don't read.

Important clarification before starting. That crazy Kojima never takes things for granted, the demo seems to have a lot of random events (especially in the final puzzle) and writing a definitive solution is not easy. The ultimate goal is to get out of the apartment, when the final video will start revealing the secret (if you want to see it directly you can find it here). One of the key steps seems to be speaking into the microphone connected to the controller at certain times (not surprisingly Kojima said to use a good microphone ...). If you've been stuck for hours, I recommend starting over and following the advice below.

Initial note: the demo consists of a single L-shaped corridor. You will start from a small room (which you will return to later) which will then take you to the corridor. At the end of the corridor there are stairs that go down and then a door that, once crossed, will take you back to the beginning of the corridor creating a continuous loop. If you do the right things, something will change in each loop, until you get to the end of the demo.

- Closed door (first time)
Cross the corridor until you find the closed door at the end of the stairs. Go back and you will see the bathroom door slam (it's the one just after the bend in the corridor). Now go back to the stairs, the door will open taking you back to the beginning of the corridor.

- Door closed (second time)
Continuing with the loops at some point you will find yourself with the door at the bottom of the stairs closed, approaching you will hear moans. Then you will notice that the bathroom door opens slightly and remains ajar. Approach to spy inside the bathroom, use the zoom (R3 key). ...... after ..... the door at the bottom of the stairs will open, go through it again.

- Apparition
In the next cycle you will have an apparition of a ghost. As you get closer it will disappear and the light will go away, you can proceed towards the end of the corridor to go through the door again.

- Open bathroom door
After watching, in the next cycle you should find the bathroom door open. Enter to find and collect the flashlight (use the zoom on the floor). You will be locked in the bathroom, so examine the sink and zoom in on the creature, then look at the mirror. The bathroom door will open, so you will have the green light to the exit.

- The picture with the X
On the small table at the entrance (the one with the radio near the stairs) you will notice a picture with an X drawn on it. Press the X button while watching it to unlock the door and start a new loop.

- The fridge
Continue down the corridors when you find a bloody fridge hanging above the front door. Use the output port, you are in a perpetual loop. To the right of the front door (the one in front of the coffee table with the radio) a new message will appear: "I can hear them calling to me from". Go through the loop two more times after this message appears, then go to the table with the phone (right at the bend in the corridor) where on the left you will notice "HELLO", look at it. Now go to the message near the door and you will notice that a letter has been added at the end of the sentence. Go back to the phone where the letter that appeared on the other side will be missing from the word HELLO. Go back to the door again to bring up a new letter and repeat the same way until you complete the word HELL (the complete sentence will then be "I can hear them calling to me from HELL). You will hear some noise, then you can go to the port to exit in a new loop.

- Red corridors
Go through the corridor with the red lantern until you enter a distorted version of the corridor that never seems to end. On the walls you will notice that the paintings contain moving eyes. Keep walking until you see a fallen painting on the right. It should be near the coffee table with the phone, on the wall opposite the bathroom. Look on the wall where the picture is missing to find a hole. Spy inside using the zoom and keep doing it until the noises coming from inside stop. Keep watching until you get kicked out, then you will find the end of the corridor and the door.

- A "quiet" loop
In this cycle everything will be quite normal, even the lights will be on. Keep spinning until you notice something on the screen, then you will move on to the photo collection.

- The collection of the pieces of photos
Now the loop will repeat itself over and over, with a series of alternating flashlight colors, but no apparent changes to the corridor. To continue you will need to find the six picture fragments, if you need help follow the guide to find the picture fragments. Once you have found all 6, you can exit to start a new cycle.

How to solve the final puzzle of the PT demo

To unlock the final scene (the one that reveals the secret hidden in the demo) you will have to complete this last puzzle which unfortunately seems to have several random events, which means that you may not find yourself 100% with what is written below.

First of all in this new loop you will have to look at the clock until it strikes midnight. After that, you need to make sure you hear the baby laugh 3 times.

- Walk 10 steps from the clock down the corridor, then stop. Hear the baby laugh.
# 1 laugh completed

- Connect the microphone to the controller
- Take the pause off and scream like crazy for 30 seconds making the game believe you are terrified (yes, this is Kojima gentlemen), or otherwise make noise with music or whatever.
- You'll hear another childish laugh.
# 2 laugh completed

- When you hear the second laugh stop !!! The controller will start vibrating for a while, and it will get louder and louder, stay still, don't look around, don't touch any keys. After standing still for a while you will hear the child's third laugh.
# 3 laugh completed

- Now Keep staring at the phone which should start ringing after 20-30 seconds.
- You will hear a voice on the other end of the phone saying "You have been chosen".
- A door unlocks taking you to the final scene of the demo.

Here is a video on the last puzzle just described. In this way you have finished the PT demo. If you are not interested in completing it and you want to see the final video directly, watch it in this article.

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