Quantum Break: Guide to Beat the Final Boss [Xbox One]

Quantum Break: Guide to Beat the Final Boss [Xbox One]


The time has come to close the accounts.

If you have made it to the final boss fight of Quantum Break then you will have noticed that it is not an easy boss to face.

In this guide I therefore propose a video showing the best strategy to win in the final battle of Quantum Break, also playing on Hard difficulty, followed by several tips:

First of all it is good to know that you cannot damage the boss directly. Eliminate the enemies in this sector and absolutely avoid the bombs that the bad guy throws at you. A good strategy, as shown in the video, is to use the time rush ability in combination with melee attacks to take out enemies, and the time dodge ability to avoid bombs.

After killing the first 3-4 enemies the boss changes position and throws a giant bomb on the ground, escape as far as possible! After the bomb explodes the boss becomes vulnerable, shoot him with the gun, one shot is enough.

Now the second round of the battle begins, more enemies come to the pool. Again use the same strategy to kill the wingmen, the boss will start using the giant bomb, but this time he will throw 3 bombs instead of one! This means that you will have to work hard to avoid the explosions. After dodging all 3 explosions you can shoot the boss once more to end the fight.

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