Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Mechanical Keyboard Review with Green Switch

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Mechanical Keyboard Review with Green Switch

Razer has always been the quintessence of gaming peripherals, a true point of reference in the panorama that embraces keyboards, mice, microphones, headphones and mats. Its reference keyboard has never stopped improving over the years and the versions that have followed, and here today we can have the fantastic Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro, a true concentrate of technology, in short the condensation of over six years of experience in the gaming field at the highest level. It is certainly not a small keyboard to be exploited as a "laptop", which would go with you anywhere: it is clear that this object is designed to sit "still" on a desk, thanks to its generous size and weight.

Design and Connectivity

At first sight the BlackWidow V3 Pro looks like many other keyboards in the Razer range, with a minimalist design, logo placed in the center of the base (entirely in aluminum), and sufficiently raised keys. Continuing, for example, we note that the Caps Lock signaling lights are not placed above the numeric keypad, but above the directional cross, and are accompanied by not three but five different indicators (including that of the numeric block for the keypad).

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Mechanical Keyboard Review with Green Switch

At the top right there is a section dedicated to the volume, with a wheel placed on the far right and three cylindrical keys on the left, which can control functions such as raising or lowering volumes, changing videos or songs. What do we find under this amalgam of metal, plastic and RGB LEDs? Well, there are two small feet that can raise our keyboard by nine degrees, as well as a small compartment almost completely invisible on the left of the beholder, which contains a small USB type A antenna: this little girl is the centerpiece of the BlackWidow V3 Pro, which is a wireless technology that Razer owns - the so-called Hyperspeed - that combines a 2.4Ghrz connection with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, for a result of zero latency even in wireless mode. The battery lasts about thirteen hours and turns itself off after fifteen minutes of inactivity, to save charge if you leave the play / work station. This as long as you use the keyboard at maximum brightness and with all its functions, otherwise giving up it also increases the thirty hours of constant use in wireless mode.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Specs

Software and Hardware

Such a keyboard certainly cannot "live" without a soul: well, the software Razer Synapse is the perfect companion for her! BlackWidow V3 Pro it can be fully customizable via the Synapse both in wired and wireless mode, contrary to what happens with other keyboards (even from Razer). In addition to being able to choose the color of each key, you can also work on some functions, such as "power saving": if you are a fan of wireless mode, you could choose a shorter suspension time due to inactivity of the keyboard in order to save charge. battery, or you could set a different signal level, for example making the BlackWidow V3 Pro flash predominantly towards 20% of its remaining charge. By pressing the key FN you can also change "On-the-fly" colors and functions by choosing from the seven pre-set modes, such as Wave (which generates a wave of colors) or Spectrum Cycling, which changes color in a light and cyclical way. You can create profiles for each game you own, then setting them quickly, always “on-the-fly” with the FN key combined with F10, which will allow you to switch from one pre-selected profile to another; these profiles can contain for example shortcuts on the keyboard for specific games, or combinations of colors you prefer different for each game.

Underneath all this we find the fabulous Switch mechanical and in version Green (as in our case), with double activation both on pressure and release for an excellent result, they give all the feeling and sound of a first-rate mechanical keyboard, while for lovers of silence and tactile feedback we also find the version Yellow, managed in low profile, slightly rarer in Europe but still orderable without problems. The whole is completed by a practical wrist rest with plastic base and leather-covered pad, not directly connected to the keyboard but movable at will.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Mechanical Keyboard Review with Green Switch


BlackWidow V3 Pro respects the reputation of its production company: style, performance and customization without any compromise; this is a keyboard for those looking for perfection in both wired and wireless modes. Where is it wrong though? Well there is some flaw: functions are missing macro (although probably a considerable slice of users will not even know what they are and how to implement them), and given the price with which the keyboard presents itself, this function is a lack to consider. Missing a key to lock and unlock the "Windows" key that often while playing is accidentally bumped and could arouse the anger of the players who will find themselves having to deal with the taskbar and start open on the screen. A cons, for our users, it is also the lack of the layout in Spanish, because the keyboard is currently only available in the American version: mind you it is always a QWERTY, but some keys are not placed in the same positions (for example on the 8 key we find an asterisk instead of the round bracket). Finally, the Enter key (or Enter if you prefer) is very short, cut as if it were a "shift", which makes it a bit uncomfortable at first, but when you get used to it it won't be a problem anymore!

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