Realme Smart Cam 360 ° - Let's discover the cam with Motion Detection

Realme Smart Cam 360 ° - Let's discover the cam with Motion Detection

We have learned about Realme for some time now: the company, born from the vice president of Oppo, has always tried to offer low-cost technology, without losing quality. However, as many similar companies have taught us, sometimes smartphones are not enough in a world where everything is increasingly smart. For this Realme has put on sale, alongside its new Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro, also the Realme Smart Cam 360 °, a product created for the safety of your home, full of interesting features.


The product comes in a body of polycarbonate which allows you to keep, within it, the globe that manages the room at 360 degrees. With a minimal but functional design, the camera rests on a rubberized base, and also predisposed for wall or ceiling mounting (the base to hang it is available in the packaging). Filming, in FullHD (1080p) propose one really high quality, and remote device management is very easy and intuitive.

The Realme Smart cam 360 ° can boast - and the name says it too - a total panoramic view, and to help the management even at night infrared vision, capable of highlighting details that would instead be obscured in the dark.

Realme Smart Cam 360 ° - Let's discover the cam with Motion Detection

Security first of all

If there is one thing that really makes you want inside the safety devices it concerns the automatic management: although we know how to see the footage of a certain moment, rather than those in real time, the remote management of the peripheral is decidedly more difficult. Fortunately, the Realme Smart Cam 360 °, which can also be managed remotely, of course, also has one AI Motion Detection, which is able to analyze the movement in the area shot and, consequently, follow it.

Otherwise the device works like a classic IP Cam, so it manages to connect to the network and it can be managed remotely: a privacy protection system on multiple levels helps to help any unwanted inputs, while an audio speaker allows the device to emit sounds, thus making it a two-way device (therefore capable of capturing audio and at the same time to issue it).

There are millions of similar devices: every company, especially if it deals with smart devices, has launched into the business of security cameras. The quality of this Realme Smart Cam 360 ° lies in its being suitable - in terms of technology - for every person and the possibility of having a very high ease of use. The shooting quality is very good, and all in all installation is not difficult (thanks to the use of a micro USB cable for power).

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