Resident Evil 3: guide / solution to ALL the puzzles [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

Resident Evil 3: guide / solution to ALL the puzzles [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see how to solve puzzles in Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020). Do not forget to also consult the card tricks and complete guide of Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 3 for other useful guides on this game.

In Resident Evil 3 Remake there are a total of three puzzles to solve. The first is optional and the other two are story-related and are required to advance in the game. Below you will find the solution to all three puzzles also shown in the video at the bottom of the guide.

Subway Entrance Enigma (Optional): the first puzzle you will encounter is in the rescue room [Subway Entrance]. There is a strange device in the corner with three colored slots. You have to find all three gems and insert them into the device. Gems are found in the following locations:

  • Red Gem: Found in the Save Room of the Donut Shop. Examine the box.
  • Green Gem: Found in Toy Uncle's shop. Requires the [Lock Pick].
  • Blue Gem: Found in the convenience store on the same street as the toy store. Requires [Nipper].

Insert all three gems to unlock the "Every Gem in Its Place" achievement / trophy. You will also receive three useful items: grenade, tactical weapon upgrade (shotgun) and case.

Metro Control Room Puzzle: after restoring power to the [Subway Substation], you will need to revisit [the subway office] and interact with the control panel. The destination path must be set. Some paths are blocked; then set the indications as follows: FA-02, RA-03, SA-02, FO-01. All other settings have already been entered. Press the button to start the simulation and solve this puzzle.

Vaccine conundrum: in [NEST 2], first of all it is necessary to find the [Vaccine Base] to generate a cure for the T virus outbreak in Raccoon City (see location in video). On the blending machine, all three tubes must be set up to be in the green range. To do this, set the three buttons to the following values, in order: Medium, High, Low. Mix with this ratio to unlock the [vaccine].

Finally, here is the video that shows the solution of all three of the puzzles just described:

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