Resident Evil 3 Remake: A mod shows the game with the fixed camera

The new Capcom title released a few weeks ago Resident Evil 3 Remake, has already received several interesting mods: the latest in terms of time is shown to us by the youtuber TheSphereHunter who tried to imagine a scene from the new title by adding the typical view of the first chapters of the series. By using cheat keys that modders are using to create wacky RE 3 Remake, the girl dropped the third-person camera's Jill to take a shot from the top angle, very similar to the classic shot of the most famous horror game in the world.

To testify the quality of the remake graphic sector, the youtuber Suzi has immortalized the protagonist in the settings of Raccoon City, but without specifying if the shots actually come from a mod in development or from an experiment.

Raccoon City through the lens of a fixed camera.
RE3R photomode. ?

- Suzi (@TheSphereHunter) April 11, 2020

The making of an actual against that changes the whole still shot for all the scenes of Resident Evil 3 Remake it would be a real undertaking for amateur developers who could try their hand at this adventure. The choice of the position of the inserted camera will have to be made only after careful analysis of the changes to be implemented to gameplay and the progression of the play experience. For now you can only enjoy the images shared by the content creator, and we don't know if such a mod will ever actually be created. In any case we will not fail to keep you updated.

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