Resident Evil 7: all the bonuses and items to unlock by playing [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

Resident Evil 7: all the bonuses and items to unlock by playing [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see how to get the various unlockable bonuses of Resident Evil 7.

Don't forget to also consult the complete Resident Evil 7 cheats and guide card for other useful guides on this game.

If you are also playing Resident Evil 7 you must know that the game provides a series of bonuses that are unlocked by reaching particular objectives in the game, items that are added to the chest once unlocked (You will have the ability to check what you have unlocked in the final stats that appear after completing the game).

Below what are the unlockable bonuses of Resident Evil 7 with indications on what you need to do to unlock them.

Important Note: at this moment there is a bit of confusion on the subject, so much so that it is easy to think that there are different ways to unlock the same bonus. We will report all those reported for each item.

Asylum mode

This additional mode is available as a pre-order bonus but it is also sufficient to complete the game at any difficulty to be able to unlock it. It is the highest difficulty Resident Evil 7 can be played with a greater number of enemies that have more refined AI, less availability of supplies and rescues.

Albert 01-R

It is a very powerful weapon that is unlocked by completing the game for the first time on any difficulty.

X-ray glasses

If you want to find all the collectibles in the game this trinket will be of great help as it will help you locate them quickly (alternatively you can always follow the Resident Evil 7 collectibles guide). How to unlock the x-ray glasses:

  • some say they are unlocked simply by completing the game
  • others that you have to collect all the documents
  • others that you have to use a maximum of 3 healing items in the whole game

Do your own tests and use the comments to report your experience.

Running shoes

Running shoes will allow you to move much faster. How to unlock the running shoes:

  • some say you need to have completed the game twice
  • others say it is necessary to complete the game in less than 4 hours

Circular saw

Who wouldn't want to walk around a house like the one in Resident Evil 7 with a nice electric saw? To unlock it, refer to what is written for running shoes.

The Secrets of Defense

A defensive bonus that increases the amount of damage you can take. To unlock it you must complete the game at least once (attention: some report that it cannot be unlocked by playing on "Easy" difficulty).

The Essence of Defense

To unlock this bonus, refer to what is written for the Secrets of Defense.

Unlimited ammo

By unlocking this bonus you will have infinite ammo for all weapons. Fortunately, there is no doubt here and everyone agrees: to get the infinite ammunition you have to complete the game on "Asylum" difficulty.

Dirty coin

It is a coin that should be used to open particular chests in the game. Obtained by completing the Resident Evil 7 demo.

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