Resident Evil 7 - Guide to obtaining all the ancient coins of the game

    Resident Evil 7 - Guide to obtaining all the ancient coins of the game

    With Resident Evil 7 we are faced with a video game that on the one hand is looking for one own way away, in a certain way, from him styles more characteristic of the series of video games from which it derives, in which it is generated, on the other hand, on the other hand, it demonstrates that identity starting while keeping some small ones intact traditions that historical fans undoubtedly know how to appreciate. In the course of its crazy plot, in fact, we will not have to limit ourselves to push forward, in addition to all this the most curious players will also have the opportunity to to collect some specific objects, including the ancient coins, weapons, and other small things. The coins, however, remain one of the most fascinating collectibles, not only from the socio-semantic point of view, but also from the point of view practical, also because you will have the possibility, once collected, of exchange them in some moments of the game.

    It is important to remember, however, that in Resident Evil 7 the position of these changes when choosing to tackle the story in Asylum mode, even if in that case we speak of an approach of the whole different from the classic one also in many other things. This guide it therefore sets itself the goal of explaining, step by step, where locate e gather these ancient coins in the normal and easy difficulty, trying to make a general and linear picture also in relation to the progress with the plot.

    Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Resident Evil 7, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by Capcom. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

    Resident Evil 7 - Guide to obtaining all the ancient coins of the game

    To find the before ancient coin you must have reached the kitchen in guest house. Here, as Clancy, you first watch the videotape, then move in search of a lock pick present in the initial area of ​​Resident Evil 7 and then return to the kitchen. As soon as you arrive, focus your attention on a specific one drawer right, closed. Open it using the lock pick and then return to the site with Ethan and find the coin inside.

    Al second floor of the main house make sure you have obtained the key to open the trap door there. Once inside, continue up to fondo until you notice a lawn mowers red to the side. By interacting with it you will get the second ancient coin.

    Go back to the first floor of the main house, precisely in his salon, the one with phone. Next to this you will find the third ancient coin.

    Once you reach the grandmother's room of Resident Evil 7 on the second floor, passing through the recreation room, you will find the third ancient coin next to the statue bronze on site.

    Go to the bathroom always on the second floor of the main house. The coin is located in the toilette.

    Looking around the aforementioned bathroom, you will also notice the presence of one statuette wooden. Once collected, go back to the first floor, in the hall and, focusing your attention on the projector with a bundle of light aimed at a painting, place the statue on the pedestal there in front. Then rotate it until the silhouette of the eagle does matches with the drawing on the canvas. Doing so will open a passage secret to a particular room. Here you look for the ancient coin in ashtray on the table.

    As soon as you come out, via a flight of stairs, from the room previous, reach i underground until you reach a green door. You can find an ancient coin in a hole in the wall on the left, not too far from the door.

    Once through the Resident Evil 7 door that needs the 3 dog heads you will be outside. As soon as you outside turn right in right and at the next crossroads again a right. In the place you have reached, look for the ancient coin in vasi that you will have in front of you.

    Resident Evil 7 - Guide to obtaining all the ancient coins of the game

    To find the next coin, just reach the trailer of Resident Evil 7 and move to thecockpit. It is located on the table.

    You know the old house? For this ancient coin you will have to enter through the passage positioned at shoulders of the fireplace, and then down the stairs. At the end of the corridor there will be an easily identifiable table on which to collect the coin. 

    To find the eleventh ancient coin of Resident Evil 7, you will have to go toexterior of the old house and, using the crank first obtained, reach the bridge. Once here you come up to a bathroom and you will find it on site.

    For this coin you have to reach the second floor area of casa aforementioned, here, with the raven key in your possession, reach the door towards which this key is addressed, then move up the stairs and turn to right. You will find the coin well hidden in a drawer.

    When you will be attest area stay at first floor. Here you explore the corridor littered with hay, until you reach a room characterized by the presence of one drawers green. You will find the coin by interacting with it.

    Now get to the second floor of the test area, moving into the room where the body lifeless man appears standing on a chair. Enter the port in front of this and you will find the coin on a shelf.

    To find the fifteenth ancient coin of Resident Evil 7 you will have to go to the nave. Following the cut in which two of us see two workers opening a pipe, enter the manhole near there. Continue taking the road a left, to move to the crossroads that will follow a right. At the bottom of a dead end that you have now reached you will find it.

    Once you have reached a part of the map flooded pay attention to a coin on the Plot. To keep it with you remember not to go up the stairs immediately.

    Always in the wreck of the nave try to get hold of a lock pick located on the second floor, and once obtained use the'lift to go above. Once you have reached this floor move to left aiming at the room that appears in front of you. Once inside you will notice the presence of one box of tools. By picking it you will get the coin.

    During the exploration of the engine room (of the first) will catch your eye a locker stuck. This can be opened using thecorrosive agent, to later obtain an ancient coin.

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