Ride: press meeting with Jacopo Rondinelli and Lorenzo Richelmy

Ride: press meeting with Jacopo Rondinelli and Lorenzo Richelmy

On yesterday's day Lucky red invited us to attend the national preview of Ride to the House of Cinema di Rome.  After the screening of the film, we had the opportunity to participate in a press meeting with the director and his collaborators. In addition to director Jacopo Rondinelli, the famous creative duo composed of Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro was also present at the preview. Together with Marco Sani and Lorenzo Richelmy, the group answered various questions regarding the new upcoming film:

This film is certainly something new compared to the current panorama. Do you like making these kinds of complicated and extreme films?

Guaglione: We hope that cinema in the future will increasingly resemble this type of film.

Rondinelli: We usually like to complicate our lives, but by making this film we understood why nothing like this had been made before; even if by now it was too late to back down (we were already in pre-production unfortunately). There were a lot of technical complications to shoot it (also because GoPros were not designed for cinema).

Did the fact that a rather particular film was going to affect your writing process?

Sani: Actually no; during the writing we always gave a damn. “Ride” was born as a “Duel” on bikes; then working with Fabio & Fabio it became quite different from the initial idea of ​​five years ago. Initially each scene worked on the basis of a movement of a character, but Fabio & Fabio also proposed to use surveillance screens and cameras, making everything much more of a universe in itself.

The video game culture is very present within the film. How do you think it will be received by the public? 

Rondinelli: "Ride" does have certain typical references to a certain generation, but these were then mixed to create a "Melancholy 2.0" with other more contemporary elements. The basic idea was to satisfy different palates; coming from these worlds we still put our experience into it.

Ride: press meeting with Jacopo Rondinelli and Lorenzo RichelmyWhat do you think of the revival of cinema in recent years? 

Guaglione: Involving Jacopo in this film meant for us wanting to give space to this new type of alternative cinema. Our goal was not just to create a story, but a world of its own.

How did the fact that you were being filmed by a multitude of cameras at multiple angles affect your acting process? 

Richelmy: Typically in the cinema an actor is filmed from a single camera, while in this film I found myself in front of an extreme freedom. A world with infinite possibilities opened up for me (less exploited than what may have been done by other directors).

There is a strong coexistence between the digital screen and the human face. Is this disturbing connection a deliberate thing?

Rondinelli: Absolutely. It is no coincidence that the monoliths resemble gigantic “smartphones”, which are activated with a “like” and inside contain videos of their life. We tried to talk about the current generation we are living in, where it is increasingly difficult to separate from your mobile phones. This thing in the film is present; in fact they feel lost when they lose the signal and even depend on it.  

Have you left a door open for something else in the future?

Guaglione: We wanted the film itself to end with its narrative arc, but we were more interested in creating a world. We would certainly like to explore other options. 

Ride will be released in theaters starting from this 6 September. If the interview intrigued you, go and read our review of the film.

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