Safe puzzle / puzzle solving

    Thief: combinations to open all safes

    Safe puzzle / puzzle solving


    Here is the guide to get rid of all the locks scattered around the world of Thief, no safe will be able to resist it.

    Safe puzzle / puzzle solving

    As it was easy to predict, in Thief we find a lot of safes and, listen, listen, they are all closed !!! In this new guide we will see what are all the passwords to open the safes, and possibly also the solution to get there yourself.

    Safe puzzle / puzzle solvingThe guide is Work in Progress and will be updated continuously. There are still some unclear points on the subject, so I ask you to contribute with comments: let us know if you have found different combinations or if you are struggling with safes that are not present in the guide.

    It seems that in some chapters there are more safes, so we will highlight all the codes currently known for the safes in each chapter as well as the solution to find the password directly in the game.


    Chapter 1

    - Safe 1
    Where it is: Serendi jewelry
    Combination: 739
    Notes: none
    Loot / Reward: Unique loot "Leygrove Mask"


    Chapter 2

    - Safe 1
    Where is it: workshop
    Combination: 314
    Notes: none
    Loot / Reward: Unique Loot "Soul of the Automaton"


    Chapter 3

    - Safe 1
    Location: Madame Xiao-Xiao's private room
    Combination: 573
    Notes: none
    Loot / Reward: Pocket watch


    Chapter 4

    - Safe 1
    Where it is: the Keep
    Combination: 319 on the left, 018 on the right
    Notes: This is the great safe, perhaps the most complicated in the game. Remember to reset the locking mechanism before entering the code. For more details, follow the guide to open Thief's Great Vault.
    Loot / Reward: Story Advancement

    Chapter 5

    - Safe 1
    Where is it: room 3E
    Combination: 731
    Notes: none
    Loot / Reward: Ivory Circle


    Chapter 6

    - Safe 1
    Where it is: East Lounge
    Combination: 889
    Notes: none
    Drop / Reward: Sapphire Cyrcle

    - Safe 2
    Where is it: West Hall
    Combination: 017
    Notes: none
    Loot / Reward: Various


    Chapter 7

    - Safe 1
    Where it is: inside the loading docks
    Combination: 673
    Notes: none
    Loot / Reward: 100G


    Side quest: Beauty Within

    Where it is: Miss Scarlett's home
    Combination: 824
    Notes: This is the safe related to Basso's secondary mission "Beauty Within" in The City. Watch the video.
    Loot / Reward: Miss Scarlett mirror


    Secondary quest: Check Mate

    Where it is: Mourningside
    Combination: 776
    Notes: it is the safe related to the secondary mission of Basso "Check Mate". Watch the video
    Loot / Reward: Chess piece, complete Basso's mission


    Secondary mission: Carnal Connoisseur

    Where is it: Wine cellar
    Combination: 812
    Notes: this is the safe relating to work n ° 2 of the customer Vittori.
    Loot / Reward: Octopuss


    The City

    Where it is: South Baron's Way, Sick Willy
    Combination: 842
    Note: This safe is not part of any mission or side job, so it won't be easy to find. Go south to find Baron's Way South. Look for a ladder, take it down using an arrow and go up ignoring the open window. Enter by opening the closed window. The combination is the date of the day that you can find out by reading the newspaper.
    Loot / Reward: Octopuss

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