Saint Seiya: Awakening - Here is the guide to play without spending money

Saint Seiya: Awakening is the successful RPG for mobile devices that is becoming popular all over the world. The title is inspired by the manga of Masami Kurumada: The Knights of the Zodiac. The cartoon has been able to win the hearts of millions of fans everywhere during the 90s, and has recently been revived in an RPG key. The dynamics of the game are really pleasant: thanks to the completion of daily quests the players will accumulate riches of all sorts (there are really many types of objects to be farmed) useful to enhance the Knights at their disposal, to face challenges of increasing difficulty. interior of the classic turn-based structure.

The title of Tencent it is complete, there is a substantial part PvE and a part PvP full of people and challenges for every player. So far the game would seem beautiful and unmissable (and it is), but the downside is that it is by no means a simple Free to Play, but comes close to a push Pay to Win. But is there a way to become strong and competitive even without "shoppare" like the "shopponi"?

For more than a month we have wanted to experiment with the functioning of only the free parts and their scalability, and actually we found ourselves in a pleasant situation, although obviously not overly competitive. For this reason we have decided to write this guide for new players of Saint Seiya: Awakening who do not want to spend money on the title, but who want to grow sustainably without wasting the resources they need to have fun and get very good results.

Patience is the ninth sense

If you want to play without spending any money in the online shop, the first piece of advice we give you is to arm yourself with “Holy” patience and pay no attention to all the line-ups of your opponents with all those golden cloths. Pull as there was no tomorrow should not be your goal, but savings and thrift will accompany you, up to a certain point in the game.

The activities to be carried out in-game are really many and it is normal for first-time players to get lost and spend resources (which will later prove to be valuable) incorrectly. After reaching the ninth sense, it will be very important (the benefits will come only later) for all new players, focus on the first riders of class B and A very sparingly. For our style of play, it will be important not to raise the levels of our first Saint immediately to the maximum, but it will be fundamental only increase when you fail to bypass the main and secondary Quests of the title.

Whenever you can pass a main and secondary quest in the story of Saint Seiya: Awakening, do it, but when the opponents are too tough for you, then try to upgrade your line-up, at least until you Pull to find stronger characters and better performing line-ups. This technique will lead you not to waste resources on unimportant S - A and B class characters. At first it is essential that you do not consume money, XP, Advanced Gems and Diamonds without criteria. Stamina and Common Gems you can consume at will whenever you want.

If you are wondering why you shouldn't use the Advanced Gems and Diamonds at the beginning of the game, the answer is very simple: we must take advantage of the "Fortune Cat". This interesting activity that becomes available in-game every 3/4 weeks, will give us a considerable boost of Advanced Gems. Players will have to insert the Advanced Gems into the Lucky Cat and he will always return any of them in a larger variable number. A maximum of 666 Advanced Gems can be played. Here, 666 Gems is our goal and we must reach it, so that we can exploit the power of the cat and every month Pull more than 100 Gems for free among those you will buy and those that the Cat of Fortune will give you.

As you can see from the photo above, with this account we managed in 50 days and a single fortune cat to accumulate over 400 Advanced Gems (consider that we different Gems have used them because we are still inexperienced, otherwise one step away from the second Fortune Cat we would be almost managed to reach 500 gems).

How to do to farm?

If you are afraid that without class Saint S o SS you will not be able to enjoy yourself, we can reassure you that this is not the case. As already mentioned there are a myriad of daily activities to do, to get to good levels both for matches in PvP than to face the difficult challenges PvE.

Every holy day (it will not be difficult to do so) to farm and level up in a decent way and keep up with the times, you must complete all - and I mean all - the free quests, and the free subquests that the title offers you:

Entering the menu at the top right Events, you will access countless missions, which change and expire according to the "banner" of the moment. Rotating over the months, players will be able to "spend" Advanced Gems to try their luck and collect the banner character or characters that you might otherwise never find in occasional summons. Linked to the characters, there are several missions with activities to do. I do not say to do them all, also because those concerning the "Refine" of the Cosmos are initially useless, but trying to do as much as possible helps you to earn several "Diamonds".

Once you have completed the quests on the Menu "Event", click on the menu "Legion" lower left. This menu will give you the option to farm both Legion Points useful to buy "Shard" in Mall, that all other types of objects we need to grow. Joining a Guild is almost essential, because with a powerful Guild some gains will be shared and expanded based on your contribution. As for the Event, also in this case completed all the missions. It will take very little time to share a "Shard", do the 3 raids in the "Legion Dungeon", Compete against the"Legion Boss, and above all to satisfy the requests of the "Legion Commissions ". Each of these activities will give you rewards to grow and enhance your line-up. Not all menus will be accessible to you immediately, so make sure to always increase the level of your account (the more activities you do, the faster you will grow and unlock new sections useful for farming).

As soon as you finish the daily missions of the Legion, enter the Daily Training. These four daily missions are among the easiest to fulfill, and on the other hand (Dedicate Treasure Map above all) will allow you to earn a lot of resources, including Vouchers for the "Train Hall", Stamina, Exp, Gold and much more. yet. Once you have completed all four requests, you will unlock a chest as a gift and only in some cases a fifth mission (find Kiki and answer his question).

At this point it is time to enter the menu at the bottom right, Daily. 

This is one of the most important menus where you can find daily activities to do. First check all the activities that have a deadline in terms of time such as "Virgo Shaka's Quiz“, A 10-question roulette wheel that, based on the answer, will release you rich rewards. Go through this starter menu thoroughly, because you will need to get at least 100 points every day Activity (I assure you that you will easily make them following our guide, in the end the only thing you will have to do is give five hearts to your friends and raise a cosmos).

A little advice we give you is to do not rush unless required by the tasks to complete the Athena Trial. This activity will become increasingly difficult, thus leading you to spend a lot of resources even ahead of time, for a gain that is not worth the candle.

Same goes for i Pope's Treasure; accumulate as many as possible and spend them within Daily Training or when a specific quest asks you to use them. But you can participate in the two every day Mystical Treasure and the raids of the gods Cloth Cementery. Also the Seal Tower (which will unlock around lv 37) is a very difficult component, where you will need more than one to progress Line-Up competitive.

Have you completed all the daily quests? At this point you can bask in the rich rewards you have obtained, and with them think about equipping the Saint at your disposal, upgrading them and spending all the flowers found in the Saint Temple and in Growth.

As soon as you have spent the right resources to adequately upgrade the Line-up at your disposal to your level, you can safely venture into PvP matches. Go to the appropriate menu in PvP and every day, face at least 3 times a day, and with at least one victory, the classifieds of the Galactic Duel. It doesn't matter if you lose several games at the beginning, we can guarantee you that matchmaking works in a decent way, and some matches without finding "shopponi" you will be able to do it. This will serve you to level up and recover the rewards that are there, both daily and weekly.

Also make use of the five possibilities to face enemies in the Saint Arena as with other PvP modes, by leveling up and winning games you will be able to get interesting prizes to grow and improve.

At this point you just have to use the stamina at your disposal to farm the resources you think are most necessary for your growth at that particular moment. Currently we are focusing on hosting the “Epic Ruins” 20 times a day, because we are looking for a lot of XP points useful to level the characters obtained to date. This process is not difficult for us, because every day thanks to Athena we will receive 120 hearts for free, in addition to those that Kiki kindly gives us in the "retrive resources".

Thanks to these resources, as well as and together with those that are recharged daily in the Train Ground, we will never have a problem completing the countless missions of the day.

The Master of the Five Peaks should not be overlooked at all: you must upgrade this place to have more stamina as a gift every day and more and more rewards. Thanks to Train Ground you will farm boosts that can be used in the various farming sessions, which will double your rewards (do not underestimate this aspect). Among the other expenses to be incurred there are those of Saint Quest. In this case you can interact with some (basic) characters to get interesting prizes, such as diamonds, character shard, flowers for the upgrades and sometimes even Tickets to face the enemies in the Train Hall. With a few coins you will be able to recover the shards needed to get the characters that will be unlocked with the advancement in the main story. Do not despair, the expense in our opinion is repaid and slowly you will also complete all these requests, thus evoking the characters if you lack them or can be used to enhance their skills.

How not to waste resources

After we understand how to farm a lot of resources daily, the most important thing to understand is how not to waste them. Initially we wasted a lot of resources to enhance some characters that then, even if only using the standard summons, we left behind us.

In this case you have to keep in mind the advice we gave you at the beginning, grow your line-up at the same time as the difficulty of the levels you face. Only in this way will you choose some characters to enhance and that will be useful to the cause, even in the advanced sessions of the game (Seiya is one of them). Try to aim for a line-up consisting mainly of A and B class characters, after all we have to reach the 666 Advanced Gem if we are to make the most of the Fortune Cat's potential, then we will have to wait.

To progress smoothly, we used a line-up made up of Seiya-Black Priest-Daidalos-Yuzuriha-Moses-Luna. This formation thanks to the three control characters such as Nero, Moses and Daidalos manages to weaken the opponent, activating the passive of Yuzuriha to do a great deal of damage. Seiya we used it for the comet, because thanks to the lowering of the enemy's resistances he manages to inflict an enormous amount of damage to our DPS, right from the first turns of the game. So all our resources have been placed in these characters, leading us to evolve with the inclusion of the golden knight of Pisces and Marin instead of Nero and Moses.

To quickly reach the 666 Advanced Gems that will lead you to earn others easily, you will have to save a lot, but this does not mean not taking away some small satisfaction. We spent a lot of gems before accumulating them again 450 (remember that the Cat will allow you to play upwards, aiming first 33 gems then 66 gems then 144 and so on, this will allow you while saving to accumulate other gems for the next lucky cat).

We also recommend that you unlock the Saint Legend and Plot Reincarnation of the menu Story. Also in this case you will be able to obtain interesting prizes such as AR Gem. This particular summon (usable as we want) will still allow you to unlock S-class characters, so why not use them as soon as possible?

In summary?

After the very long list of activities that we have listed for you (and the nice thing is that we have listed only a part of them, but really many other activities you will discover and do in-game without the need of our help), you will surely be a bit confused, for this we write a small summary below, which retraces all the steps and tips to keep in mind during your adventure:

  • Try as far as possible to complete all the daily quests every day;
  • Upgrade your saint according to the difficulty of the game (there is no need to raise all the characters to high levels at the beginning, considering that you may not use them anymore in the later stages of the game);
  • Try to save 666 advanced gems to invest in Fortune Cat whenever you can;
  • Don't spend the diamonds at random in the shop, but always save 1000 and buy 11 advanced gems as soon as possible;
  • Try to accumulate as many Blue and Green Tomes as possible, only thanks to them will you be able to enhance the skills of the S and SS Class characters at your disposal (consider that some characters without the enhancement of some skills are really useless);
  • Make good use of both useful materials to awaken the seventh sense, and to increase the levels of your characters; to upgrade your BAS characters to the maximum level, you will need lots of XP points and lots of resources (for this reason, initially awaken only the characters you really need to unlock missions and progress in the game, keep many characters on the bench and awaken their seventh sense or only enhance them if they can be useful to the cause at that precise moment);
  • Take care of the Master of the Five Peaks, because he will come in handy when you need to farm a lot;
  • Look for a large and powerful Guild, because it will help you a lot in achieving your goals;
  • Also go to the hotel every day Party Lobby, because by exploiting the other players you will be able to recover important riches. Each day, complete at least once the Pope's Treasure e 3 Mirage Invasion (in this menu you will be able to exploit all the members of the server without spending any resources, do not underestimate them);
  • Do not spend resources to upgrade Cosmos of low level, focus only on the really deserving S or SS Class Cosmos;
  • Don't upgrade your characters' abilities without criteria. Try to understand or seek advice on the internet on enhancing the skills of each character, even here the resources are very limited so you can regret it bitterly. Above all, do not spend Blue Tomes to upgrade the Skills of Class A or B characters (characters that you can find using the Common Gems) unless you think it is really necessary.

There are still many things to say, but for the moment we do not want to dwell too much, we hope that this mini guide will be able to help you to have fun with us with Saint Seiya: Awakening.

Small and final tip: spend some money. Maybe not a lot, but even the € 5,10 for the minimum purchase is sometimes also a reward for the developers and those behind it, so you can play it for free as much as possible, but given that there are no advertisements within the title some small donations, can do nothing but good for the title and its sustainability. Enjoy.

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