Saints Row 4: guide / solution to secondary missions [360-PS3-PC]

    Saints Row 4: guide / solution to secondary missions [360-PS3-PC]

    Saints Row 4: guide / solution to secondary missions [360-PS3-PC]


    In Saints Row IV there are so many things to do. We have already seen the missions of the main campaign and the missions of friends (Loyalty missions), now it is time to take care of the side missions of the game, the assignments.

    As the adventure progresses, you will have the opportunity to free and restore the various friends of the President to their physical form. For each of them you will have to complete a Loyalty mission and some side quests. Only by completing these missions will you have the loyalty of friends who will then join you in the final battle.

    In this guide we see: what are the secondary missions and tasks to be completed for friends, which result is unlocked by completing them, and how to complete the same missions.

    We have many other guides for this game, they are all in the cheats and guides tab of Saints Row 4.

    Saints Row 4: guide / solution to secondary missions [360-PS3-PC]To unlock the Achievements / Trophies that we indicate for each character, in addition to completing his listed Secondary Missions, you must also complete his Loyalty Mission and conclude the Love Story with him (see Loyalty Missions guide and Romance Guide).


    Kinzie (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "Full Kinzie")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Simulated Instruction
    • Power Play
    • Gateway
    • White Rabbit
    • White light/White Heat
    • A Whiter Shade of Pale
    • White Wedding

    Matt (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "Paranormal Friendship")
    Secondary Missions:

    • The Pledge
    • The Turn
    • The Prestige

    Pierce (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "The face of the Saints")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Fun trumps all
    • Back to Basics
    • Embrace the crazy

    Shaundi (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "The two Shaundi")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Something to prove
    • The Solid
    • Shaundi's List
    • Payback
    • Under Pressure
    • Secret admirer

    CID (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "Man-Machine")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Obey
    • Obey (Again)
    • Obey (One more time)

    Asha (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "His Holiness's Secret Service")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Three count royale
    • Kill and Let Die
    • SaintFinger

    Ben (unlocks Trophy / Achievement "Benjamin [CENSORED] King")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Ghost writing
    • Rising Action
    • The Climax

    Keith David / Your deputy (unlocks "Actor recycled in politics")
    Secondary Missions:

    • Campaign Trail of Destruction
    • Executive Orders
    • The Simulation Recognizes
    • Supreme Justice

    GAT / Old Friend (unlocks "Hanging out with an old friend")
    Secondary Missions:

    • WWGD
    • Closer to 250
    • Kill Kill Destroy Kill
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