Saints Row The Third - Collectibles Guide

Saints Row The Third - Collectibles Guide

Inflatable dolls, drug packages and a lot of other stuff.


We knew that Saints Row The Third was not exactly a "politically correct" game from the first trailers of the game. Now that we have tried it we have seen how skilled the developers have been in the art of going further, so as not to spare even the collectibles of the game.

Among loads of drugs, money and inflatable dolls it will certainly be a completely new collectible hunt.

Starting from the link at the bottom of the page you will have access to a map of the city of Saints Row The Third indicating the places where all the collectibles are located. Not only that, the map is interactive and allows you, among other things, to click on each location to see a short video showing exactly where the object is.

Saints Row The Third collectibles are:

Loads of Drugs
Loads of Money
Inflatable dolls

and finding them all unlock two achievements and trophies:

Get the goods
Find 25% of all collectibles.

The life of the party
Find 100% of all collectibles.

Nom I just have to leave you to the map and wish you good hunting!

Saints Row The Third collectible map

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