Samsung Smart TV Does Not Hear Sound - What To Do?

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, produces a wide range of high-end electronic products, from smartphones to smart TVs. Televisions are one of the most important product lines for Samsung, a conglomerate with more than $ 211 billion in annual sales.

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Although Samsung electronics have a reputation for high quality and reliability, like any electronic product they are prone to failures and problems. One of the most common problems reported with Samsung TVs is audio. Often the cause of such errors are simply problems or bad connections, but it could be the result of a hardware failure.

In this article, I will show you how to fix audio problems on your Samsung TV.


The first things to try are obviously the simplest. If there are pictures on the TV but no sound is produced, the problem could be as simple as accidentally pressing the “Mute” button on the remote control. Take the remote control and unmute the TV by pressing the “Mute” button again.

Next, check what the input setting is on your Samsung TV by pressing “Source” on the remote and cycling through the available inputs. If the source of your Samsung TV is set to a component that you have not set up, no audio data will be played for playback.

Have you ever used a headset on your TV? Specifically, gamers might be using a set of wired headphones plugged into an audio-out jack, and if headphones are plugged in, any audio is routed to that equipment, and you may not hear any audio playing if you're not wearing the headset. Check that headphones are not connected to the TV.

If there is still no sound, check all physical connections between the TV and any hardware associated with it. This includes game consoles, satellite receivers, and cable TV. Make sure all connectors are securely plugged into the correct ports.

Finally, check to see which output channel has been selected for the sound. If you have external speakers connected to your TV, make sure your TV's audio output is set up with your sound set or bar.

Conversely, if you are not using external speakers, make sure the TV's internal speakers are not disabled. You will find this information in the (audio section of the TV's on-screen menu.

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If none of the above tips improve the audio problem on your Samsung TV, then you will need to move on to some more advanced techniques.

The first thing to try is a traditional old-fashioned power cycle. Turn off the Samsung TV and unplug it from the wall socket. Give it a minute so any lingering charge in a capacitor or memory drive can vanish.

Then plug the TV back in and turn it back on. As with many other types of hardware, turning it off and on again often can fix temporary or transient problems that would otherwise be difficult to diagnose.

Next, make sure your TV has the correct language set in the information setup. Press “Menu” on the remote control and find the configuration section. Find the language / location setting and make sure it is set to "ITA".

The last troubleshooting step is to run the built-in sound diagnostic test in the Samsung TV support menu.

Depending on the make and model of your Samsung TV, this test can be found in different places in the menu structure, but you should be able to find it independently.

Press “Menu” on the remote control, then select the “Support” menu. From there, select the “Self Diagnosis” option and then “Audio Test”. The TV should then play the sound from the built-in speakers.

If you hear the melody, the audio problem (whatever it is) is not in the TV components. If you don't hear the melody, then there is a problem with the sound circuits on the TV or with the built-in speakers on the TV.

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If the tests indicate that the problem is with the TV itself, you will need to decide whether to have it checked by a technician or think about a new TV.

With TV prices steadily dropping to ridiculously low levels, it's hard to fix TVs that aren't brand new and say mid-range or top-of-the-range; a replacement is generally cheaper than a repair.

However, depending on how old your Samsung TV is, it might still be under warranty and you could get a repair or a new TV for free.

Do you have tips for diagnosing and fixing audio problems with Samsung TVs? If you have other methods, share them with us in the comment section below!

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