Secrets and Easter eggs

    The Amazing Spider-man 2: Stan Lee ed altri easter eggs

    Secrets and Easter eggs


    Let's see how good old Stan Lee decided to appear in the new The Amazing Spider-man 2.

    Secrets and Easter eggs

    If you know the universe of Spiderman and its creator Stan Lee well, you also know that our dear Stan loves to "appear" in his productions, both in the cinema and in video games. Even in the new chapter The Amazing Spiderman 2, the sprightly grandfather to whom comic book fans all over the world owe so much hasn't resisted the temptation to stick his character into the game environment.

    Stan Lee
    Here then is that in one of the rescue missions in New York City you will find yourself rescuing himself, Stan Lee himself, from a burning apartment. Check it out in the video

    This is a clear reference to that mechanical rhino species that appeared in The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie. Look at it in the video, it is in the harbor, attached to one of the containers.


    More easter eggs
    I close by leaving you a nice video that first makes a rundown on all the references that can be found in the Stan Lee comic book store (Stan's Comic Book Store, unlocks after saving it from the flames) and then shows other references to characters from the Marvel universe . Good vision

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