See iPhone WiFi password, simple

So you want to know how to see iPhone WiFi password? Do you want to see all the passwords of the WiFi networks you are connected to with your iPhone? Wi-Fi passwords are used to secure wireless networks around the world. Once connected to a WiFi network, the password is automatically saved on your iPhone or iPad. So far, so good. Sometimes it may happen to forget it, in this case it is useful to know how to see WiFi passwords saved on your iPhone.

As we have seen above, it is possible to see the WiFi password from Android without root, however iOS is a much more closed operating system, so this method would not serve us to access the passwords of the mobile operating system from Apple. However, all is not lost and thanks to an application it is possible to recover these passwords.

How to find iPhone Wifi password?

As we said, thanks to the "Network List" application we will be able to see iPhone WiFi passwords to which we connected. Obviously, this application does not fall within the criteria of the iOS application, so we will not find it in iTunes (and therefore we need the jailbreak).

We can download the list of networks completely free from Cydia. Once downloaded, the same alternative application store will automatically install it on our device.

Once "Network List" has been installed, the only thing we have to do is access the Settings menu of our operating system and, from there, access the Wi-Fi connections section. Here, at the bottom, we will see a new section called, depending on the version of iOS we have installed, «Network password","Known passwords»Or«Known networks».

If we click on this new entry, we can see how a new screen opens in which we will see a list of all the networks we connected to from our iOS device and their passwords.

Although this application allows us to export the list with all the passwords (at least in the latest versions of iOS), it is not possible to copy them to a note or to the clipboard of our device, so if we want to save them we can only take a screenshot or resort to the classic, that is, paper and pen.

Was it easy to view the WiFi passwords saved on your iPhone? Do you know that it is possible to steal your neighbor's WiFi password?

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