Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - Preview of the new Ninja Theory title

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - Preview of the new Ninja Theory title

What i Ninja Theory they brought on the stage of The Game Awards, between various awards and more than interesting announcements, it was not exactly what we would have expected: partly because the "fresh" acquisition Microsoft products is currently working on Bleeding Edge (scheduled for next year), partly because Senua's adventure in Hellblade seemed self-contained, coherently and completely closing the circle of all the focuses inherent in its mission dedicated to mental illness. For this, the trailer for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II has totally blown us away.

A trailer that presents the announcement of the first exclusive for Xbox Series X in all its majesty, underlining how much power the new machine of the Redmond house has. The very good Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice had once again highlighted the great skills of the development team, which despite its small size and a budget not exactly triple A recorded really important numbers, but above all a mixed quality attributable to a small great miracle.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - Preview of the new Ninja Theory title

The return of the voices

Thanks to what will always be remembered as the definitive revenge of the Ninja Theory against gamers (who have not really supported the team to the maximum after the half tumble of DmC: Devil May Cry), Microsoft has set its sights on the study, which now has all the support needed to create something great. It is no coincidence that the Cambridge guys have been chosen, and already from the first computer graphics images shown to the TGAs, we can expect great things.

Landscapes of wastelands, flames, skeletons, severed limbs. The tone of the work, starting with this trailer, seems to be extremely dark, but at the same time full of a strong character. The first thing that comes back, like a slap in the face, is the voices: the "dear" friends of Senua and the player who seem to incite the girl, an omen of ... war? It probably is.

As soon as the rumors are pressing, the warrior - still played by the beautiful and talented Melina Juergens - begins what looks like a war song or a ritual chant. The thing that most stunned is that it seems that this time it is not alone, with a host of warriors ready to do battle. Could it be just the fruit of his sick mind? Still too early to tell. The assumptions, given the nature of the team, is that the game may turn out a sort of hybrid between a narrated adventure and a third person action (as happened with the predecessor), but with the possibility that these last mechanics are emphasized to the maximum, most likely with novelties on a playful level also linked to the nature of environmental puzzles. Even for these hypotheses it is too early, yet Senua's anger and determination seem to want to trap us and push us in that direction.

What does the symbol that is created around the hill mean? What creature is it that awakens from its torpor? and why is the totem on fire? Too many questions, and little information available to draw conclusions. The esoteric impact, the symbolism, the strongly mythological nature of the work, all in what promises to be a fascinating environmental setting. Good luck, girl. We look forward to news on the title, and as always we will not fail to inform you!

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