Skyrim - Guide to mehnir

Skyrim - Guide to mehnir

We unlock the "Menhir" achievement and trophy.


In the world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we find monumental stones scattered, such Mehnir, which have the power to bless who approaches them by providing them with very special powers. In Skyrim the Mehnir are 13 in total and in this guide we will see their position on the map and what are the effects of their blessing.

Before starting I remind you that by finding the 13 mehnir you will unlock two achievements and trophies:

Choose a blessing from a mehnir.
Find 13 mehnir.

Below is the list of 13 mehnir with the effects obtained thanks to their blessing.
NOTE: Only one Mehnir can be blessed at a time

The Warrior Stone

  • 20% faster learning of combat skills

The Thief Stone

  • 20% faster learning of stealth skills

The Mage Stone

  • 20% faster learning of magical skills

The Lover Stone

  • 15% faster learning of all skills

The Apprentice Stone

  • Magicka bar regeneration twice as fast, but you will be twice as vulnerable to magical attacks.

The Atronach Stone

  • Adds 50 magicka points, absorbs 50% of enemy spells and drops magicka regeneration by 50%.

The Lady Stone

  • 25% faster health and stamina regeneration.

The Lord Stone

  • Adds 50 points of resistance to damage.

The Ritual Stone

  • Gives the power to resurrect a group of corpses that fight for you.

The Serpent Stone

  • Gives the power to paralyze an enemy for 5 seconds and deals 25 damage points.

The Shadow Stone

  • Makes invisible for 60 seconds.

The Steed Stone

  • Adds 100 points to carrying capacity and eliminates the movement penalty for the wearer of the armor.

The Tower Stone

  • It allows you to unlock an expert level (or lower) once a day.

These are the abilities you will get with the blessings of the menhirs. To see their location and find all the Mehnir, follow this video guide.

Skyrim - Location of the 13 Mehnir
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