Skyrim - Healing werewolfism

Skyrim - Healing werewolfism

If the full moon doesn't let you sleep at night ...


In the guide dedicated to werewolfism we have seen how to become a werewolf in Skyrim, what are the advantages of this transformation but also (and above all, since there are more) what are the handicaps that you will have to bear.

If you are no longer interested in living as a beast or if it seems too inconvenient, here it is what needs to be done to cure this disease and don't turn yourself into a werewolf anymore.

After you have finished all the Companions quests (guild of warriors) talk to their leader, Kodlak, or ask around for information on how to cure lycanthropism. Huntress Aela in Whiterun will also be able to give you more information about it. However, the companions will give you a quest that once completed will allow you to permanently cure the disease.

Remember that once lycanthropism is cured you will never be able to go back and you will never be able to assume the form of a werewolf again.

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