Skyrim - How to Become a Werewolf [Werewolf Guide]

Skyrim - How to Become a Werewolf [Werewolf Guide]

Auuuuuuuu !! Au-au-auuuuuuu!


You are already howling too, aren't you? Well, if the path of vampirism does not interest you (HERE the guide dedicated to the topic) at the moment the idea of ​​transforming yourself into a repulsive werewolf might tickle you.

In this guide we will see what needs to be done in Skyrim to turn into a werewolf. Let's go!

(NOTE: if you are looking for a cure follow the guide to cure lycanthropism)

To begin your path to werewolfism first you need to start a quest for the Jarl of Dragonreach in Whiterun. Then join your companions (guild of warriors) to get other quests that must all be completed. Soon after they will give you a final mission to collect items before encountering them in the Underforge. Here will begin the ritual that will transform you into a werewolf.

Before leaving you with a video that shows what has just been said, let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of werewolfism:


  • Life and Stamina increase by 100
  • During the sprint you will run faster than a galloping horse
  • You will get a scream that frightens enemies and summons wolves
  • You will cause more damage in melee attacks

disadvantages (when you are in werewolf form)

  • You will be attacked by the guards
  • You will not be able to talk to other characters, use spells, equip items or loot bodies
  • The other characters will run away in fear or become hostile towards you
  • You will be very vulnerable to silver
  • Being seen transforming is considered a serious crime.

The following video briefly shows what to do. If you want more detailed help, please refer to our video solution, werewolfism is covered in Parts 48 to 54

Guide to werewolfism
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