Sleeping Dogs - Complete Guide to Collectibles

Sleeping Dogs - Complete Guide to Collectibles


There is nothing to say, Sleeping Dogs is a game really full of collectibles and in this guide we try to lend a hand to those who intend to find them all to unlock the related achievements / trophies (by the way, I remind you that the guide is available to unlock all the achievements and trophies).

To find all the Jade statues, security cameras, safety deposit boxes and health altars I recommend that you first of all take a look at the guide to dating girls. What do these beautiful daughters do with the hunt for collectibles is easy to say: only by completing the appointments with them will the exact position of the various objects to be collected be displayed on the map, does it seem little?

If you are not very practical with maps or cannot find anyone in particular, do not worry, below you will find the link to our guides that show with videos where to go to collect all the collectibles. As usual, full service !!!

  • Sleeping Dogs - Security Camera Guide [Hong Kong Super Hacker]
  • Sleeping Dogs - Guide to the Altars of Health [Spiritual Healing]
  • Sleeping Dogs - Guide to Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Sleeping Dogs - Guida alle statue Jade

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