Soccer Manager 2021, the review: a mobile manager who knows his stuff

The football manager genre fits very well with the concept of mobility, and the Soccer Manager 2021 review demonstrates how much progress has been made by this particular strand up iOS e Android, especially where only freemium productions are considered.

In fact, if Football Manager 2020 continues to act as a reference point for the most demanding users, looking for a premium title that can offer them a thickness very similar to that present in the SEGA franchise on PC, there is certainly a large slice of casual players. who perhaps is only now approaching this type of experience and therefore prefers to opt for a model free.


From the point of view of the gameplay, Soccer Manager 2021 does not invent anything new but enriches and optimizes the mechanics that fans of the series already knew. An excellent job has been done on the front of the interface, multifaceted but always quite clear, and above all on the responsiveness to the commands, which allows you to navigate very quickly between the various menus, without waiting times.

During the games you can modify the form immediately, simply by moving the icon of the players on the field, and in the same way make the replacements or provide specific strategic indications for each individual athlete. In the background, the match goes on at the speed we prefer and with new options regarding the visual representation of the simulation.

Soccer Manager 2021, the review: a mobile manager who knows his stuff

That the game does not lack depth is understood also and above all in the pauses between one match and another, when we can train the team to improve its statistics, strengthen the structures to be able to progress further and manage the transfer market both in entry and exit. , while trying to keep up the morale of the players (real, while the teams have fictitious names) that we want to keep.

The latter is a very interesting novelty, which together with the complete management of the economic aspects of the club gives the experience further facets. The price to pay? Only a few minutes of waiting for the completion of the various improvement works: the mechanics freemium they appear quite permissive.

Soccer Manager 2021, the review: a mobile manager who knows his stuff

Technical realization

On the gameplay and structure front, you can't really complain, but unfortunately the graphics Soccer Manager 2021 in-game is modest and does not come close to that of, for example, PES Club Manager, which obviously can count on the quality and assets of the main Konami series to bring very convincing trades and actions to the screen, characterized by great beautiful animations.

In this case, in short, one must be satisfied with a visually poor and not very varied simulation, characterized by various approximate solutions, while the musical pieces that make up the colonna sonora they are a bit too general.


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Soccer Manager 2021 is a solid managerial, immediate but rich in depth. The novelties compared to the previous edition are different and important, especially as regards the organization and operation of the interface and menus, which are really reactive, but on the front of the visual simulation the game pays the price, contenting itself with modest graphics. Either way, the freemium mechanics appear fairly permissive and the season progresses smoothly - a great reason to download.


  • Solid gameplay, great interface
  • Rich and multifaceted structure
  • It is played for free without too many problems
  • Modest simulation graphics
  • Some functions are still missing
  • Generic soundtrack
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