Solution Infinite forgetfulness

Guida Oblii Infiniti Lords of The Fallen [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In Lords of The Fallen there are 10 dimensional portals that hide challenges of different nature. There are 3 types of portals, in this guide we see how to complete the Infinite oblivion.

Solution Infinite forgetfulness

Infinite Oblivion # 1
The first portal to Infinite Oblivion will unlock once the third Whoreshiper boss is killed in the graveyard. Go back to the area where you first encountered the wolf / bear humanoid, the one who loves to jump in your face with super fast attacks that stun your fighter. Continue up the stairs, halfway you should see a portal which is now unlocked.

This Oblivion is easy enough. Immediately after spawning, open the chest next to you and a ball of light will pop out. Follow it, on the way you will encounter some enemies. You can ignore them if you want, but why give up some easy XP? Clean out the crate where the sphere of light brought you, then look for another one that should be floating in the middle of the room. Reach it, then step on the pressure plate, the light will start moving, follow it again for the next treasure. After that, go back to the portal and exit.

Infinite Oblivion # 2
The second Oblivion will unlock once you kill the Beast boss, the portal is right next to the entrance to the cemetery, near the checkpoint, where Kaslo was previously trying to open the door to the Rhogar Kingdom. This challenge requires you to follow the light while avoiding the stone blocks with poison. Look at the floor and follow the light at the same time, it shouldn't be difficult. Just before the light comes to the checkout, 2 guys will attack you, but you will crumble them without major problems. Grab the loot and return to the portal, that's it.

Infinite Oblivion # 3
The Third and Final Infinite Oblivion will unlock after killing the Guardian and is in more or less the same area as the boss. After killing him, a passage opens in the large arena with a wizard and a knight with a giant shield, you can decide to kill them or ignore them. Once inside the area look for the portal.

This will be the most complicated Oblivion, there are 2 treasures to find and one of them also requires you to fight inside a ring of fire, if you go through the ring of fire you will immediately crack. As soon as possible look to the right and look for the symbols on the floor, go to the symbol in the upper right on the right side of the screen and you will see a light shooting towards you.

Follow the light to find the ring of fire arena, defeat the enemies to find the treasure. Once you are done, go back and kill all the zombies, then follow the symbols to the left. Memorize which symbol appears first and which last as you will have to solve the chest puzzle, otherwise you will end up causing a fire demon to appear behind you, a token for opening the chests incorrectly. Once done, go back to the area with the zombies again, defeat the giants with shields and the Tyrant. After killing them the chest will appear, grab the loot and exit that place in the menga.

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