Solution to beat all bosses

God of War 3 Remastered: Guide to Beat All BOSS [PS4]


Let's take out all the bad guys from Olympus.

Solution to beat all bosses

If you are struggling with one of the beasts of God of War III Remastered and you can't be right, don't despair. Below I propose the list of all the bosses in the game, in order of appearance, with a link that leads to a video showing how to win the battle and kill each boss. 

Of course, your skill is always required, but thanks to the videos you can get ideas on the best strategies to defeat them.

Boss ADE Help / Solution

Help / Solution Boss Elio

Help / Walkthrough Boss Hermes

Help / Walkthrough Boss Hercules

Boss Crono Help / Walkthrough

Boss Scorpion Help / Walkthrough

Boss Zeus Help / Walkthrough

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