Sony San Diego: The Visual Arts Studio is looking for new staff

The new Visual Art Studio (or visual arts studio) of Sony Interactive Entertainment, with based in San Diego, is in preparation with the intention of creating a third person action / adventure title. In favor of that, he revealed a new job posting. This game development studio appears to have been opened almost secretly in the San Diego area. Sony has yet to formally announce the existence of the projects that will be developed in San Diego. Similarly, the senior game designer, Quentin cobb, hinted that this will happen soon.

We are therefore talking about a truly unique job position in recent times, considering the huge damage done to the videogame sector by COVID-19. However, it seems that the work is obviously not suitable for everyone, here is what is officially reported.

Are you a game developer with an appetite for high-quality third-person action / adventure games? Sony PlayStation's Visual Arts Services Group (VASG) on our San Diego campus provides world-class content, development and services to Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. We offer a full-service production studio with an emphasis in art and animation, as well as previsualization, cinematography, character creation, motion capture, software development and face / body scanning, tracking and resolution.

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