Spider-Man 3: William Dafoe spotted on the set, the return of William Osborn?

Spider-Man 3, the new ambitious cinecomic that will close the trilogy dedicated to the spider man played by Tom Holland, continues to be talked about about the numerous cast present in the film. And a few days ago the news came that, according to some witnesses, the actor William Dafoe, famous among fans of the Sam Raimi's Spider Man trilogy for playing the antagonist William Osborne, he would have been spotted near the film set of the new film The Marvel movies in Atlanta. The menacing Green Goblin it could therefore be the new addition to the roster of characters, as well as being a welcome return for fans of the first trilogy of the superhero with spider powers.

Spider-Man 3 is becoming a real mass phenomenon thanks to the inclusion of iconic characters that have appeared in previous iterations dedicated to Spider-Man. After the announcement of the return of Alfred Molina in the shoes of Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2 by Raimi) and by Electro played by Jamie Foxx (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) theories about a film focused on a collision between the three cinematic universes dedicated to Spider-Man are becoming more and more insistent. In addition, he will also be present in the film Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Doctor Strange, another small clue in favor of the theory of multiverses.

We had left Spider-Man in the last chapter, Far From Home, in an alarming situation. At the end of the movie Mystero, interpreted by Jake Gyllenhaal, revealed the identity of Peter Parker to the whole world, even accusing him of his murder. For now we do not know how the plot will evolve and how the tenacious "wall climber" will move, we will have to wait at least for a trailer to get some more information about it. Spiderman 3 is awaited for December 2021 and the direction is entrusted to Jon Watts. We just have to wait for new information on the film and hope to see the evil Green Goblin in action again.

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