Star Wars Battlefront Weapon Stats

Star Wars Battlefront: the stats of all weapons, which one to choose? [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


What are the best weapons?

Star Wars Battlefront Weapon Stats

The characteristics of the weapons present in Star Wars Battlefront differ in 4 different main parameters: damage caused, range, rate of fire (ros) and cooling (cp).

If you want to get an idea on the weapons that should be used, the graph you can see below can be useful, which, for each of the 4 parameters just mentioned, ranks from best to worst all the weapons that will be available at the launch of Star Wars Battlefront .

It is clear that a lot depends on your style of play: if you prefer close combat then you have to throw yourself into weapons that cause greater damage (damage) and with a high rate of fire (ROF), while if you have the habit of sniping "you can't not take into consideration the" range "parameter.

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