SwiftKey keyboard: what it is, what it offers and how it works

SwiftKey keyboard: what it is, what it offers and how it works

We will explain what the SwiftKey keyboard is and how it works, one of the best keyboards for Android and iOS that has been on the market for a long time. We will start the article by explaining of what exactly is SwiftKey and what keyboard apps are, because perhaps some not so advanced users may have doubts. Next, we will explain what the main features of Swift Key are so that you can understand how it works.

First, what are virtual keyboards

When we talk about mobile keyboard applications, we are not referring to mobile keyboards that need to be connected like in the computer world, but to those software-level keyboards that pop up on the screen when you go to type. Your mobile will always have a keyboard installed, and it will be the same one you will use with any application when you need to type, from WhatsApp to the device settings search engine.

In many cases, each manufacturer usually implements their own developed keyboard keyboard, although there are some that bet directly on third-party ones. It gives them more control over users' typing experience, from the keys they see on the screen to their size or shortcuts for some options.

But since each person has their own tastes at times the keyboard keyboard of your mobile phone may not convince you too. It can be small details, like the fact that there is a row of numbers on it, built-in dictionaries with autocorrect, or that you just don't like the aesthetics or the vibe.

This is where the third party android keyboard app comes in, offering you different customization options, great experiences and features that other pre-installed or simpler keyboards don't offer you. There are all kinds of them, from those that focus on minimalism to those that give preference to options, native tools, or even emojis.

What is SwiftKey and what it offers

For many years, SwiftKey has been thereto best free virtual keyboard that you can use on your mobile, available for both Android and iOS. While it now has very tough competition like the Swiss Army knife that is Google's Gboard keyboard, SwiftKey has always been a benchmark thanks to its intelligent autocorrect system.

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This system shows you in one line the first words you might want to type, so that you can click on them to replace the one you are typing in the text. It's something that's become popular now and it's called a predictive keyboard. But not only does he use correct words, also learn those strange words you write often and it also has an emoji predictor.

This free keyboard for Android has a powerful theme system free, which allows you to give a different color and design to the keys and adapted to your tastes. And if you want it to be more personalized, you can also create your own theme, even adding a photo in the background to put the letters.

In addition, like other keyboards, you also have the option of being able to type by sliding your finger over the letters so that the keyboard guesses the word and you save time, allows you to activate an automatic spell checker, and learn from what you type for. propose the word you want.

It also allows you to write in five languages ​​at the same time, with their suggestions and corrections. Therefore, you won't need to switch between languages ​​if you want to use phrases or words in different languages.

And finally, it also has a toolbar where you can make small additions which can help you in your experience, such as a GIF search engine, Microsoft-based translator, and sticker system. You also have other options like calendars, one-handwriting mode or floating keyboard, animated emojis, or a split mode to write with your thumbs only.

How SwiftKey Works

The installation of the free Swiftkey keyboard for Android is very simple. All you have to do is download it like any other application from Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS. When you open its app, it shows you the screen you see in the screenshot, where it guides you through the setup steps. All you have to do is click on each step and it will open the configuration where you have to select SwiftKey. The last step is to log in, but you can skip it.

So when you are about to type, it is shown to you as a normal floating keyboard albeit with its own design, and if in the top toolbar you click a three-dot button, you will go to its options panel. This is where you will be able to access keyboard add-ons as well there is also a Settings button to enter your settings.

It is in the settings menu that you will have all the parameters for tailor the SwiftKey experience to your liking, from the choice of languages ​​in which to write to have unified predictions to the layout of the keys. You can also configure the sound and vibration, something useful to make it quiet and vibrate just what you want for each print.

For example, in the writing options you can enable or disable details such as that there is an auto-correction or you prefer to do it manually with suggestions, if you want to put a period with two space taps, or if you want capital letters to appear automatically. Here each of us has needs, so being able to change all of that is a wise move.

And how could it be less, you also have some kind of free theme shop. In it you will be able to choose between hundreds of color combinations and styles, with flat or embossed keys, different backgrounds and attenuations. You can even create custom themes from your photos.

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