Terminator: Netflix has announced an anime dedicated to the franchise

One of the most influential sci-fi franchises in film history is arguably Terminator that, beyond the six films, has continuously expanded its universe of video games, TV series, unexpected cross-overs, comics and even attractions for amusement parks. We are talking about something in circulation since 1984, yet something is still missing in the catalog of one of the most important multimedia series born in Hollywood: a large animated production.

With a simple tweet shared by Netflix, the American company seems to have filled this gap, as it announced the production of an anime dedicated entirely to Terminator. Unfortunately they shared no image or logo of the project, but at least we are aware of that Mattson Tomlin (Project Power writer, Little Fishe the expected The Batman) collaborates with the Japanese animation studio Production IG to bring the following work to life. The latter are well known by fans of the entertainment world for having worked on several series and films of Ghost in the Shell, Broken blade, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings, PaRappa the Rapper, Pokémon Origins, Wario Land: The Skake Dimensions, Psycho-Pass or even Person 5 Royal.

Unfortunately, the work for Terminator still seems to be in its infancy, given that a provisional launch period has not even been shared unlike other announcements of the genre, such as that of Sonic Prime. Currently we are not even aware of the incipit, with the only information disseminated regarding the setting within the universe of the T-800. The only thing we're really sure about is hers release on Netflix, of course, if there are no sudden changes in the program during its implementation. While waiting to find out more details about this anime, we remind you that some of the recent releases of the series are the movie Terminator: Dark Destiny and the video game Terminator: Resistance, with the latter about to receive a updated version exclusively for owners of a PlayStation 5.

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